Saudi Arabia intercepts 7 drones, missile launched by Houthis Otesanya David March 25, 2022

Saudi Arabia intercepts 7 drones, missile launched by Houthis

Saudi Arabia intercepts 7 drones, missile launched by Houthis


JEDDAH: An art exhibition, marking Mother’s Day in Saudi Arabia, concluded at Jeddah’s Gardenia Residential Complex on Wednesday, with 20 artists from Egypt, India and Saudi Arabia honoring their parents.

The three-day outdoor event, organized by the Art Harmony gallery, featured mostly Saudi female painters, who astonished visitors with their artistic talent as they produced their creations live. 

Khalid Aql, an Egyptian artist and a former fine arts college lecturer, said that they organized the exhibition because “such a wonderful occasion should not pass without marking it with what mothers deserve, in recognition of the roles that our mothers have played and are playing in our lives.”

“We have … beautiful paintings, made by a number of artists, most of whom are Saudi females. Talking about mothers and how wonderful this day is, we are grateful to every mother in the world,” Aql, who was also an organizer of the event, told Arab News.

“The number of female artists is growing, especially with the Vision 2030 of (Crown) Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Everything is going like a rocket with huge successes for the entire artistic movement in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Matluba Qurban, another organizer, said that the participants created their paintings live in front of the visitors.

“They created and presented their own portraits about Mother’s Day. As organizers, we have made all materials ready for them to use in showing their creativeness, and the outcome was really impressive,” Qurban said.

Imran Sheikh, an Indian artist visiting the Kingdom for the first time, said that the Saudi artistic movement was unique.

“The exhibition was just great as it gathered a number of nationalities to express their feelings about Mother’s Day in professional works of art. The Saudi artistic movement is amazing, especially in portraying the country’s unique and diversified culture,” Sheikh said.

Maha Al-Enezi, a painter, said that mothers symbolized kindness and tenderness. “They are our beautiful past, the most beautifully lived present and the bright future. They are in every good thing in our life,” she told Arab News.

Explaining her painting, titled “Me and Mom,” she said she focused on little children who have lost their fathers, and how mothers care for them.

“There are a number of amazing artworks in this exhibition that shed light on mothers and how they affectionately (support) their children,” she said.

She added that it was a pleasure, and challenging, to create a piece of work in the presence of visitors.

Mohammed Hakami, a visitor to the exhibition, praised the work of the artists, who included Lina Al-Kathiri, Maysa Mostafa, Rana Al-Saggaf, Fatima Hakami and Siham Mansour.


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