In the United States, 25 million people suffer from chronic lower back pain each year, half of whom have or will be diagnosed with disc degeneration. Current treatments–including opioid pain relievers, steroid injections, and physical therapy–simply manage pain, ignoring the root causes of the problem. Many patients reluctantly progress to surgical interventions, which are highly invasive and clinical outcomes have demonstrated limited, if any, therapeutic benefits.
BRTX-100 is a novel product to treat damaged, degenerating discs, and is anticipated to be safer, cheaper, and more effective upon a single treatment. Specifically, BRTX-100 is an autologous stem cell product that uses your own stem cells that are harvested, cultured, and then injected directly into the affected disc to start the repair process.
We have received authorization from the Food and Drug Administration to commence a Phase 2 clinical trial using BRTX-100 to treat persistent lower back pain due to painful degenerative discs.
If you are an individual interested in participating as a subject in this clinical trial or you are a physician, clinic or other service looking to provide services for the trial, please click the link below.