Racism Isn’t Just Aimed At Black People Otesanya David April 2, 2022

Racism Isn’t Just Aimed At Black People

Racism Isn’t Just Aimed At Black People


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Racism is a disease that won’t ever go away – As a white woman, I am exhausted. Sick of seeing people on social media blasting caucasian people for racism. The black community is equally as guilty, though it is more uncommon. To all those people who clicked on the link to this post, hoping to hear my thoughts on yet another cry fest by the woke crowd, you’ll be sorely disappointed. I don’t mean to say that disparagingly, but I had to get this off my chest.

My friend Sue Smith posted to her Rumble account where she mentioned a story where a couple of black girls accused white people of being racist via the use of racial slurs at a high school. However, it was revealed via security footage that it was the black girls who wrote the messages, not someone who is white.

This got me thinking. Racism is not a one-sided situation. It doesn’t just affect the black community. It affects the white community too. Moreover, it is more common to associate race-related bigotry with people of colour than it is for those of us who are caucasian. For this post, I wanted to explore this a bit further and examples that have been used in recent media coverage.

Some Black People Despise White People, And Violence Is NEVER The Answer

White people are often blamed for racial attacks on people of colour, but what about the other way around? During the 1960s, activist Martin Luther King Jr said that black supremacy was equally are perilous as white supremacy.

King saw three evils in the world, according to The Atlantic. Racism. Poverty. War.

It has been suggested, though, we cannot verify, that Bernice King, Doctor King’s youngest daughter, may support black people more than those who are white. We are not trying to imply anything here, so please don’t share this without knowing this is not our intention.

When George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer, the entire world was outraged. There were riots left, right, and centre. Violence was key, and it was black people condemning white people.

Violence is never the answer. It shouldn’t matter if the violence is against black people. Or white. The violent protests started by black people against white people apparently aren’t racist. But, violence against black people, started by white people, is racist. How many more individuals of any skin tone have to die or end up in hospital before something is done to stop two groups of people from taking lethal swipes at each other?

I Can’t Pretend I Understand

As a caucasian woman, I can only imagine what it is like for people of colour and how hard they have it. I can’t pretend I understand what they’re going through because I’ve never experienced racism myself. I know people will say, “Why are you don’t talking about this when you have no experience or right to do so?” It’s because I read. I sympathise. As an upcoming journalist, it is my job to highlight these high-priority issues, regardless of my skin tone.

I might not be black, but as a white woman, I can say that I am disgusted by anyone’s actions that might harm the status quo. I understand that there will never be a utopia. However, we continue to fight amongst ourselves over what is racism and what is not. It will only allow the world to begin conforming to a dystopia. We’ve had enough wars. We don’t need a race war to be added to that list.

The one thing I believe in is free speech. I shall continue to advocate for equal and free speech. We don’t have free speech in the Australian Constitution, as far as I am aware, but we’re encouraged to speak our thoughts and feelings.

Racism Is A Topic Everyone Should Be Allowed To Talk About, Not Just The Wealthy And So-Called Influential People

The one thing that bothers me is how rich and “influential” people are allowed to talk about racism. But us normal joes are not, apparently. What makes people like Meghan Markle or Omid Scobie so special? They have influence and money, that’s what.

Here’s the thing. No one is ever special. It’s just something our parents tell us to make us feel good. You have to earn it in the outside world. We don’t need known race-baiters to make us feel guilty.

Now, you’re probably asking why we’re talking about two people associated with the royal family of England? Meghan and her mouthpiece, Omid, are the perfect examples of people who whine they’re victims of racism when they’ve caused the outrage themselves.

Omid Scobie – The Man Who Complained That A White Man Was Writing A Book On Meghan Markle

Let’s begin with Omid.

He’s Iranian and British through his parents. In America, a consensus, according to the LA Times’s Sarah Parvini and Ellis Simani, says that yes, Iranian and Arab people are white. However, this is not how many people of Arab and Iranian backgrounds see themselves. However, it is left up to the individual to decide, which is far as not all feel the same way.

Omid, however, is a hypocrite. He has had too many facelifts that make him look like a Ken doll. This is not me trying to be cruel. Far from it.

[Credit: Tiaras and Houseplants]

Note the above image. The first photo is what Omid used to look like. The second is Omid now. It seems to me that he tried to erase his Iranian heritage by lightening his skin. If he were proud of his background, he wouldn’t have become a white man.

Nevertheless, he tweeted this out about author Tom Bower writing a detailed book on Meghan Markle:

[Credit: Screenshot from Curiously lost on Twitter]

Yeah, Omid accuses white people of racism, but it’s okay for him because he’s “a person of colour.” He sings Meghan’s praises when she lied to him about aspects of her life. Now, this is double standards on a spectacular level. A proud person of colour isn’t ashamed of their skin colour and doesn’t use derogatory terms to describe someone who is white.

Meghan Markle – The So-Called Royal Who Is A Not-So-Secret Narcissist

I talk about my huge dislike for Meghan Markle on this site a LOT. It has nothing to do with her biracial status. I have zero issues with this. What I do have an issue with is her need to throw around the racism card. This is NOT okay. I have heard that Meghan is not even half-black. From what I have heard, she is a quarter black. I’ve looked into it, and I cannot find anything that backs this up. From what I’ve discovered, both Meghan’s maternal grandparents were both African-American. If I find anything else, I will disclose it in a later post.

Anyway, Meghan uses race as a way to victimise herself. One example is how she criticised Hollywood for not casting her in high-profile projects because of her ethnicity. This wasn’t the issue. Casting directors could see she didn’t have the talent. There are a ton of other biracial actors in Hollywood who have more talent range than she did. Zoë Kravitz, her parents Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are all biracial and talented.

Meghan also has a habit of changing the narrative of her life. She wrote an unnecessary letter to US Congress claiming she had a poor childhood and had to survive off the $4.99 salad bar at Sizzler. This has been debunked as a lie. She wrote on her defunct blog, The Tig, and her Instagram that her dad took her to ritzy restaurants around LA.

She also claimed she started working to support herself at 13. This is a lie too as the Department of Labor states that the minimum age for a child to work is 14.


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