Gasoline Video | The Weeknd Otesanya David December 25, 2022

Gasoline Video | The Weeknd

Gasoline Video | The Weeknd


The Weeknd is certainly not making a tentative start to 2022 as he premiers a second official video in just three days from his new album ‘Dawn FM’. The Weeknd’s latest short is for another one of his new tracks, ‘Gasoline’; the second of 16 songs contained on the album. 

Having already dropped videos for the album’s lead single – ‘Take My Breath’, from last year, and then ‘Sacrifice’ just as the album landed, The Weeknd is ensuring that he has all bases covered with his new record.(He also loaded up either lyric or audio videos for the remainder of the album on the day of the album’s release.)  

Praise has come from fans and critics alike for The Weeknd’s fifth studio album with record producer, rapper, singer-songwriter, and record executive Timbaland comparing it to Michael Jackson’s seminal album, ‘Thriller’. Esquire magazine have called ‘Dawn FM’ The Weeknd’s “Prince moment”, whilst The Guardian’s five star review said it was “a stunning display of absolute pop prowess”.

The latest video from The Weeknd is directed by photographer and film maker Matilda Finn. Finn has previously worked with the likes of Sophie Hunger and Rosie Lowe as well as taking on more commercial work in advertising. For ‘Gasoline’, Matilda seems to be channeling the work of Stephen King, John Carpenter and even David Lynch as she scares the bejesus out of us with some harrowing scenes. 

Finn’s film has nods to Lynch’s ear in the grass from ‘Blue Velvet’ as well as Carpenter’s ‘Christine’ as the video starts with The Weeknd crashing his possessed vintage Caddy into a road sign. Escaping on foot from a swarm of black ants, The Weeknd is next seen as both himself and his older alter-ego. 

The pair battle it out on the surreal dance floor with the younger of the two protagonists seeming to have little regard for his elderly self. 

Maybe Abel Tesfaye just has a fear of growing old, who knows? 


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