Harry Styles Announces Third Solo Album Otesanya David March 24, 2022

Harry Styles Announces Third Solo Album

Harry Styles Announces Third Solo Album



Harry Styles is blessing our ears with new music, and honestly after “Watermelon Sugar” we can hardly wait.

Image Credit: Columbia Records

Harry Styles’ new album titled “Harry’s House,” is due to come out May 20. Very little has been revealed about the upcoming record. What we do have is the promise of 13 new tracks and the album cover art, which has Harry Styles scratching his chin standing on the ceiling of an upside-down living room. Harry Styles also posted a short teaser video on his Instagram that includes no new music besides the tease of a synthesizer soundtrack, showing him walking onto a theater stage and smiling as a house facade is raised around him. In February, he was spotted filming a music video in the streets of central London, lounging on a giant bed that was being pulled past Buckingham Palace..alright Harry we’re game.

You can catch Harry Styles at as the headliner for this year’s upcoming Coachella music festival April 15 and 22.


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