Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami Trailer | Movie Trailers Otesanya David March 25, 2022

Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami Trailer | Movie Trailers

Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami Trailer | Movie Trailers


Grace Jones remains one of the most important figures in the world of fashion, music and art, altering the world’s perception of beauty and style with her androgynous and highly eccentric aesthetic. She was one of the most influential style icons of the 1980s and released ten studio albums in her career as a singer. 

She is the voice of such hits as 1985’s ‘Slave to the Rhythm’, 1989’s ‘Love on Top of Love’, 1993’s ‘Sex Drive’ and 1981’s ‘Pull Up to the Bumper’. But more than that, she was also a human being in every sense of the word; not just a figure in a magazine that inspired a new generation of fashion lovers, she is a daughter, a mother, a grandmother and a lover in many high profile relationships.

We may have gotten to know her a little better with her 2015 memoir ‘I’ll Never Write My Memoirs’, but ‘Bloodlight and Bami’ – name for the Jamaican patois words for a ‘red light’ in recording, and bread – is one of the most immersive experiences a fan can have learning about her life.

‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami’ is a documentary directed by Sophie Fiennes, who directed and produced the 2006 film ‘The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema’ presented by Slavoj Zizek. You may also know her as the sister of the two-time Academy Award nominated Ralph Fiennes of ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Schindler’s List’ fame.

Along with Grace herself, her former lover, image consultant and her son Paulo’s father Jean-Paul Goude will make an appearance in the film alongside her frequent musical collaborators Sly & Robbie.

A preview for the movie will be broadcast in theatres live for one night only on October 25th in a special event called ‘Grace Jones and Friends Live’ which will see the singer discuss her life and career with some of her most important friends and collaborators.

‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami’ will be released in cinemas on October 27th 2017.


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