Critics Of Meghan Markle Are Being Unfairly Silenced Otesanya David March 28, 2022

Critics Of Meghan Markle Are Being Unfairly Silenced

Critics Of Meghan Markle Are Being Unfairly Silenced


Critics beware! – It is no secret that Meghan Markle doesn’t like criticism. Her constant whinging on the public stage that the royals were unfair to her because she’s biracial, American, and independent, screams privilege. Also, given her massive profile, she’s shutting people down left and right. She only wants people to speak positively about her and Harry and how they’re god’s saviours. That’s not a religious gaffe. It’s a metaphor and a far nicer way to say, “she has a god complex.”

What’s more, critics have been shut down on social media and across the internet, because they don’t view Meghan in a positive light. In the last week, Megxiteer YouTubers Yankee Wally and Sue Smith were both terminated from YouTube. Neither did anything wrong except talk about the Sussexes. How is criticising someone of any ethnic background worth cancellation?

Meghan does not represent the black communities of the world. She never did. She was raised by her white father, who had to fight the doctor to have mixed-race added to her birth certificate. According to Thomas Markle himself, the doctor was going to have ‘black’ marked on the document because Doria is black. However, he [Thomas] felt it was an insult not to have both sides of his daughter’s ethnicity reflected. Meghan might credit herself as a fighter against racism, but she’s fuelling it. Her dad is the fighter in this situation.

Meghan’s Complaints To YouTube

After her storytime video received more dislikes than likes, Meghan complained about it, and the dislike counter was shut off across the platform. When you look at it, it makes perfect sense. She and Harry have some powerful allies, and if she wants something done on social media, the said tech company will do it, no questions asked.

So, her going after YouTubers who express their opinions isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. It’s too much of a coincidence to think otherwise. The reason we say this is what happened sometime after the dislike button was censored. YouTubers and Twitter users came under attack by Bot man. Three “reports” were released. One claimed that several “hate accounts” were American. In the final report, the primary target was three British women. That is not consistent research.

Anyway, after this occurred, there was a silent reprieve before Yankee Wally was unceremoniously terminated from YouTube. Moreover, this resulted in backlash on Twitter, and a petition was set up to get her back online. Fast-forward a couple of days, and Sue Smith’s channel is pulled.

Now, it is our opinion that the goal was to distract from Bouzy’s report. We say this because there’s an inconsistency. Sue was mentioned in a list of “hate accounts” but was not a target. However, Murky Meg and According 2Taz were front and centre in the “FINAL” report. So, that begs the question? Why go after Sue when she wasn’t a focus? Why not go after one of the other two?

It’s our thought that perhaps, it was an effort to appear NOT coordinated. Going after another British YouTuber would be another strike against the UK. This was poorly thought out. Bots played a role.


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