Cleveland Is Trying to Become ‘Kindland.’ Otesanya David March 29, 2022

Cleveland Is Trying to Become ‘Kindland.’

Cleveland Is Trying to Become ‘Kindland.’


Stuart Muszynski once had a long career selling insurance, and it shows. I don’t mean that unkindly. The Kindland founder, who, when he wears a K95 mask, you could almost mistake for John McCain in his build and around the eyes, knows how to make a sale. Bouncing among meetings and events, wearing a suit and a Kindland baseball hat, giving out Kindland bracelets and stickers, evangelizing for generosity and good deeds, Muszynski clearly is stoked about his product. There’s a reason he’s gotten 50 nonprofits, which he says generally stick to their own brands and interests, to work with him, in addition to various heavies around town, and it’s not just because the “Just Be Kind” app lets them advertise their own work. “Stuart is relentless,” says Blaine Griffin, Cleveland’s City Council president and a Kindland supporter.


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