Beatrice Dominguez ~ The Mexican Starlet Otesanya David April 1, 2022

Beatrice Dominguez ~ The Mexican Starlet

Beatrice Dominguez ~ The Mexican Starlet


Beatrice Dominguez

Beatrice Dominguez was a beautiful Mexican starlet who died tragically young.

She was born Beatriz Dominguez on September 6, 1896 in San Bernardino, California. Her parents had immigrated from Mexico before she was born. Beatrice and her three older sisters were educated at the Sacred Heart Convent. At the age of eighteen she made her film debut The Masked Dancer. Then she started dancing in vaudeville. The beautiful brunette was billed as “La Bella Sevilla”.  She appeared in numerous westerns including the Wild Westerner, The Sundown Trail, and The Moon Riders. Beatrice became one of the first Hispanic actresses to get onscreen billing in Hollywood. In an interview she said “I think I have been most fortunate in being cast for character parts. That is real training in acting. When my time comes as a star I shall have had much experience and then I shall not be afraid.” 

Beatrice DominguezBeatrice Dominguez

When she wasn’t working she spent most of her free time with her mother and sister. She was cast as a vamp opposite Rudolph Valentino in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Then in early 1921 she started filming the serial The White Horseman. Beatrice suffered a ruptured appendix on the set and was taken to the hospital. She was operated on twice but developed peritonitis. Tragically on February 27, 1921 she died at the young age of twenty-four. One week after her death The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse opened to rave reviews. Her seductive tango with Valentino was considered the highlight of the film. Beatrice was buried at Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.

Beatrice DominguezBeatrice Dominguez

Beatrice Dominguez Rudolph Valentino

With Rudolph Valentino


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