Vercel CEO: Deployment should be instantaneous Otesanya David March 26, 2022

Vercel CEO: Deployment should be instantaneous

Vercel CEO: Deployment should be instantaneous


Guillermo Rauch is the CEO and founder of Vercel, a cloud infrastructure company that offers advanced deployment capabilities for front-end JavaScript, edge, and serverless functions. Vercel is a kind of new layer on top of cloud platforms that automates a lot of the application deployment work that used to be done by hand (most of which fell under the “devops” heading).

Rauch is a longtime contributor to open source JavaScript, having also created MooTools and Mongoose. I got a chance to talk to him about some of the ground Vercel is breaking, including simplifying infrastructure and streamlining workflows for developers. Rauch also shared his insights into running a successful startup and how to approach funding.

Matthew Tyson: It’s exciting to talk with you. I’ve been aware of your work for a long time, since MooTools. How did you get your start in coding?

Guillermo Rauch: I got my start in coding when I was 10 years old growing up on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. We got our first computer at home, which opened the doors to a global web and has shaped much of my life’s work, including what we are building at Vercel.

I went through many false starts: Visual Basic, DJGPP for C/C++ on Windows, Borland compilers. Once I switched to Linux, coding really started working out for me. Open source opened the doors for me to a more developer- and beginner-friendly environment.

Most importantly, I was able to find community. I made friends in local Linux development groups as well as online forums and IRC rooms. Those folks, many of them anonymous, had a tremendous impact in my journey.

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