URGOnight Headband – Portable Sleep Training Program, One Size Fits All Otesanya David March 23, 2022

URGOnight Headband – Portable Sleep Training Program, One Size Fits All

URGOnight Headband – Portable Sleep Training Program, One Size Fits All

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Product Description


Proven Technology Sleep HeadbandProven Technology Sleep Headband

Future of sleep in your hands

Sleep trackers are the thing of the past! With URGOnight’s

innovative technology, you can now train during the day to

have better rest at night, by treating the root cause of your sleep.

Plus, you don’t have to wear anything to bed!

Train anytime anywhere even at homeTrain anytime anywhere even at home

Train anytime, anywhere

URGOnight is designed to be used autonomously,

wherever you are.

So long as you have 20 minutes in a quiet, cozy environment,

you can practice your guided brain exercises at your own

convenience, even in the comfort of your own home.

Customized ExercisesCustomized Exercises

Customized training unique to you

Everyone learns at a different pace, thus your training program

should be customized to you.

Before each session, the difficulty of your exercise will be adjusted

to your state of mind for the day, that way the exercises are

never too easy, nor too hard.

Each session is different, no two are the same.

URGOnight Sleep Training Program

20 minutes

20 minutes

Real-Time Feedback

Real-Time Feedback

Constant Learning Curve

Constant Learning Curve

Better than a power nap

As short as a power nap, but more effective in the long run. Enjoy taking time out just for yourself to relax and let URGOnight guide you through a series of 20-minute engaged exercises to help you form a long-lasting habit.

Visual and audio feedback to aid in learning

Visual and audio cues notify you in real-time that you have triggered the waves associated with your sleep so you can learn how to do it naturally.

Never hit a plateau

Challenge yourself to sleep better! There are different levels to keep you engaged and to be on a constant learning curve. At each session, the difficulty of the exercises is customized and set for you to progress to another level.

DAYTIME TRAINING FOR UNINTERRUPTED NIGHTS: URGOnight is the first at-home training program designed to help you get a great night of rest
TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: The URGOnight mobile app allows you to track your progress
SIMPLE, FAST AND ENJOYABLE: You will be guided step by step through personalized experiences, adapting the difficulty levels in real time depending on your progress
AWARD WINNING: 4 years of research and development were needed to make this highly regarded program accessible at home


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