Unwrapping Holiday Learning with Real-World Data  Otesanya David March 27, 2022

Unwrapping Holiday Learning with Real-World Data 

Unwrapping Holiday Learning with Real-World Data 


The universal language of data is a great way to let students explore the diversity of customs, traditions, and ever-changing trends during the holiday season. Discover Data resources incorporate real-world data that connects classroom experiences to what’s current in students’ lives today. 

Created in partnership between the Nielsen Foundation, the National Afterschool Association and Discovery Education, the recently redesigned Discover Data program provides standards-aligned, no-cost resources that support educators, students, and communities in timely learning and valuable skill-building. 

Celebrate the diversity of student perspectives on the holidays and discover exciting new common ground with the Data During the Holidays curriculum connector. This interactive resource offers a variety of activities that make it easy for students to apply a data lens beyond the classroom—including opportunities to involve family and friends in a fun data dive into personal traditions and national consumer trends during the holidays. 

Learn more about each of the hands-on activities designed to engage middle and high school students in data-driven STEM learning during the holidays. 

A Feast of Data
Inspire student and family connections over the holidays using the simple power of data. Giving Thanks – A Holiday Tradition explores family food preferences during the holidays along with historical trends in America when it comes to Thanksgiving meal. 

Holiday Powerup
Highlight a common item on many kids’ gift wish list with an activity exploring the most popular video games purchased during the holiday shopping season. Power Up – Video Games During the Holidays lets students use graphic representations of data to recognize emerging trends. 

Holiday Sweet Spots
Get a taste for seasonal candy buying habits with this delectable data activity. In Sweet Treats – Exploring the Candy Aisle, students use national data to learn more about the connection between seasonal consumer trends and holiday advertising strategies. 

Snowballing Data
Take students’ data investigations to the next level by combining different insights from the previous activities. Collecting Data gets students thinking creatively about how they can utilize data learning to successfully connect with others. 

You can expand on the Data During the Holidays curriculum connector with a companion data set handout, along with key vocabulary terms to support conversation. Visit Discover Data to take holiday learning even further with additional ready-to-use resources, including an empowering career profile with a female professional who uses data to make sense of the seasonal consumer shopping habits she observes. 


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