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Top Luxury Safari Lodges in Tanzania

Top Luxury Safari Lodges in Tanzania


Tanzania is one of Africa’s premier safari destinations offering visitors once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the wild. Safari through the commanding herds of antelope and wildebeest, nights under the starry sky, and mornings next to a bustling waterhole await nature lovers in the east of Africa. 

Tourists can travel to Tanzania from UK cities in under 9 hours, a small price to pay for a remarkable getaway.  Safari lodges in Tanzania have taken luxury to the next level, combining peak lavishness and authentic aesthetics. The warm hospitality offered at these lodges is also second to none, many spoiling guests with personal butler services and personalized experiences. 

Chem Chem Safari Lodge, Tanzania
Photo courtesy of Mwiba Safari Lodge

Mwiba Lodge

Privacy and luxury go hand in hand, and nowhere are this more evident than at Mwiba lodge. Isolated suites are scattered amongst giant boulders, blending in seamlessly with the lush African bush. The lodge offers access to a private reserve in the Southern Serengeti where guests can enjoy exclusive guided safaris. Watch elephants splashing in the river below while wading in your own relaxing Jacuzzi or partake in the most authentic experience with local tribes to gain a deeper understanding of their inspiring relationship with nature.  The airy spaces are clad in natural linens offering contemporary luxury in every room. The lodge also has an expertly curated wine cellar and restorative spa, drawing from the unmatched tranquility of the African bush. 

Singita Sasakwa Safari Lodge in Tanzania
Photo courtesy of Singita Sasakwa Safari Lodge

Sasakwa Lodge

A luxury safari experience at Singita’s Sasakwa Lodge is unlike any other. The lodge places you in the heart of the great wildebeest migration, one of mother nature’s most magnificent events. Watch the grazing herds down on the grassland from the comfort of your four-poster bed with billowing drapes as the crisp African morning breeze shifts through your room. The lodge emulates the luxuries of an Edwardian manor and is filled with timeless pieces elevating the level of comfort even further. The crackle of the fireplace as night falls over the landscape is the soundtrack to a luxury safari experience, bringing a serene end to the day. Guests are treated to butler services, making each experience tailored to their needs.

Singita Faru Faru Lodge
Photo courtesy of Singita Faru Faru Lodge

Singita Faru Faru Lodge

Perched above the Grumeti River in northern Tanzania is Faru Faru lodge, where guests tap into the serenity of the expansive African landscape. The grandeur offered by the lodge is still understated as neutral tones and canvas complement large windows and upscale interiors. The lines between inside and outside are blurred by natural stone and wood elements are used throughout the space. Watch over a bustling waterhole from the lodge’s sparkling infinity pool or take to the air in an unforgettable hot-air balloon ride over the Serengeti. 

&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Photo courtesy of &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

&Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge sits on the edge of its namesake, the world’s largest volcano caldera. This affords the lodge unsurpassable panoramic views of the landscape, a crater floor that is teeming with rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, and zebra. The lodge draws inspiration from traditional Maasai homes that are made from natural materials like mud and sticks and introduces that into an opulent environment. The lodge describes itself as a place where “the Maasai meets Versailles”, a not so subtle hint toward the level of luxury that awaits guests. Suites are all raised on stilts giving guests the most marvelous views from the comfort of their bedrooms. 

Asilia Jabali Ridge Safari Lodge
Photo courtesy of Asilia Jabali Ridge Safari Lodge

Asilia Jabali Ridge

Visit the largest national park in Tanzania, Ruaha National Park for a luxurious stay in a stilted room. The lodge is seasonal from June to Mid-march during which time guests can see some of Africa’s largest pride of lions roam the savannah. The skyline around Jabali Ridge consists of the dominating outline of hundreds of iconic Baobab trees, best enjoyed from the hammock on your private patio. When the heat of the African sun beats down you can take a dip in the infinity pool, nestled amongst giant boulders. The bird’s nest stick roofs of the lodge mimic the wilderness that lies beyond the suites, the perfect complement to Jabali’s natural elegance. The lodge also has a spa and treatments are also offered in the comfort of your own luxurious suite, undoubtedly the perfect way to end a day of adventure in the African bush.

Chem Chem Safari Lodge, Tanzania
Photo courtesy of Chem Chem Safari Lodge

Chem Chem Lodge

The safari chic setting of Chem Chem Lodge is doused in luxury, at eye level with nature. Slow down and feel the rhythm of nature pulse underfoot as you walk with a Maasai warrior or become still as dusk sets in over the haunting saltpans. Wade through the shallows towards the flamboyance of flamingos of Lake Manyara at sunrise or unwind poolside while animals make their way to the watering holes. Chem Chem is an intimate setting with only 8 tented suites, each offering the utmost privacy and luxury. End each adventure-filled day next to the fire as the laugh of the hyena welcomes the night.


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