The Simple Guide To Podcasting Otesanya David April 1, 2022

The Simple Guide To Podcasting

The Simple Guide To Podcasting


Marketing Podcast with Alex Sanfilippo

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Alex Sanfilippo. Alex is the host of the top-rated podcast called Podcasting Made Simple. He is also the founder of, a software company focused specifically on the podcasting industry. Alex and his team have created popular services like PodMatch, a service that matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews, and PodcastSOP, a project management tool that helps podcasters keep up with their episode releases.

Key Takeaway:

One of the burning questions that are often asked when it comes to podcasting is — is it too late to start a podcast? The short answer is, no. It’s not too late. In this episode, I interview top-rated podcast host, Alex Sanfilippo, and we’re sharing the simple guide to podcasting today. We dive into the strategies that work, what the future of podcasting looks like, and all things pre and post-show production.

Questions I ask Alex Sanfilippo:

  • [2:10] Could you dive into your journey – why did you choose to focus on podcasting tools?
  • [5:02] If someone is thinking about starting a podcast today, should they?
  • [6:51] What are some out-of-the-box podcast formats that you’re seeing people do today?
    [10:53] Do you feel that it’s a mistake to not have a pattern or strategy when it comes to the length of your podcast or the style of your show?
  • [12:15] Where do you send people to figure out the tech they should be using?
  • [17:28] Could you talk a little bit about your post-production process?
  • [19:58] Let’s flip to the other side of the mic, what are your thoughts on being a podcast guest?
  • [22:06] Where do you see podcasting going?

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