The Best White Sneakers Stylish Women Need (2022) Otesanya David March 29, 2022

The Best White Sneakers Stylish Women Need (2022)

The Best White Sneakers Stylish Women Need (2022)


White sneakers are your new stretch pants. They make you look good. They make you feel good. They’re profusely accommodating… and no woman should go without a pair.

In the last few years, trendy trainers have broken free from the confines of gym walls. And the white sneaker has quickly become a coveted closet staple. They’re comfortable enough to clock up your steps (without bearing the blisters to show it.) And will stylishly accompany you to a brunch date with the girls.

The versatile kicks beg to be dressed up with a pair of palazzos. But know how to pair it back with your favorite jeans. They’ll graciously step out of the limelight to make room for a new satin blouse. And will add that cheeky edge to your bright babydoll dress.

Ladies white sneakers know when to step in (literally) to avoid a fashion crisis. And pride themselves in complimenting (almost) any ensemble. So picking the shoe you’ll never take off, isn’t the time to compromise on comfort or style.That’s why we’ve searched far and wide (scrolled for hours) to find the best white sneakers for women.

Dare we suggest that Carrie Bradshaw would don a pair? 

We’ll let you decide.

Best minimalist white leather sneakers for women

Minimalist white leather sneakers are fuss-free and fit into any ensemble. They’ll step aside to make room for your satin maxi to shine. And like these understated white tees, minimalist white sneakers whisper tones of sophistication and class.

Oliver Cabell Low 1

best white sneakers women oliver cabell review - Luxe Digital

Oliver Cabell has done it again with these buttery Italian beauties. The calfskin leather, Margom sole and the Low 1 style nod to classic designs of the past. But at the same time, these white leather sneakers make room for contemporary comforts such as an ultra-cushioned insole and welded seams for waterproofing. 

It’s no surprise this pair of ladies’ white sneakers is at the top of our list. And probably yours too.

Best for: A masterclass in minimalism.

Axel Arigato Clean 90

best white sneakers women axel arigato review - Luxe Digital

The soft white leather upper of the Clean 90 is contrasted with a gold heel tab. And along with a subtle logo stamp, it’s just enough to add a touch of pizazz to the all white sneakers. The cushioned rubber sole will give you the support you need to walk for miles (and make your health insurance smile.)

Clean, classy and comfortable—these minimalist white sneakers embody Axel Arigato’s high-end reputation. 

Best for: A touch of sparkle meets understated sophistication.

Koio Capri Triple White

best white sneakers women koio capri triple white review - Luxe Digital

It’s the signature silhouette that sparked the white sneakers trend. And they’re designed with unparalleled attention to detail. Constructed from gold-certified Italian leather, it features a rubber sole, a removable insole and waxed cotton laces. 

The tight waterproof stitching will keep the rain out.  And although you may be nervous to scuff up these handcrafted white leather trainers—we encourage you to try them out and take them everywhere.

Best for: The signature silhouette that sparked the white sneakers trend.

Veja Esplar

best white sneakers women veja esplar sneakers review - Luxe Digital

A sustainable favorite of Meghan Markle, Veja Esplars are at the forefront of the laid back fashion trend. The sneakers flaunt the label’s signature ‘V’ on either side. And the sleek suede heel tab adds a touch of savoir vivre.

But we should’ve just ended at—these French white sneakers are Meghan Markle’s go-to. That should say it all.

Best for: Trailblazing sustainable trainers.

Best women’s white fashion sneakers

White sneakers don’t have to be ordinary. And our picks are far from it. From chunky soles to iconic silhouettes and signature motifs—there are many ways to add some sass to your white sneaker sophistication. 

Balenciaga Triple S

best white sneakers women balenciaga triple s review - Luxe Digital

The infamous Triple S sneaker from Balenciaga has joined the all white party. And we can’t get enough of it. The time-honored model has chunky, triple-stacked soles. The pair is embossed with signature motif patches at the tongue, sides and heels.

Leave it up to this iconic streetwear shoe to add some flavor to any quick getup.

Best for: Triple-stacked soles to make them do a double-take.

Puma Cali

best white sneakers women puma cali review - Luxe Digital

Calling all ’80s kids. This pair’s for you (as well as the rest of us who love an all white retro sneaker.) 

The Cali sneaker screams new-school Californian lifestyle. And they’re no longer limited to training. So you can cancel your membership and unapologetically strut them around town. 

It’s a win win.

Best for: A retro laid-bad look that’ll transport you to California’s streets.

Chloe Scalloped Sneakers

best white sneakers women chloe review - Luxe Digital

It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. The Parisian brand is finally adding sneakers to their line of feminine apparel. Let’s all celebrate (with a pair.)

Made in Spain from supple white leather that’s stamped with the house’s signature scalloped edges, these white sneakers have cushioned footbeds and thick rubber soles. We suggest pairing these subtly scalloped sneakers with cropped jeans or a floaty dress. Either way, you’ll want to showcase the logo lettered heel tabs.

Best for: High-end sassy sophistication.

Yeezy Boost 700

best white sneakers women yeezy review - Luxe Digital

Fresh from trailblazing a street-style revolution with the release of his Yeezy Boost sneakers, Kanye West revisits the athletic shoe in an off white iteration. Made from leather and suede, the soft hue adds a gentle femininity to the quintessential kicks.

With Kanye’s style and Adidas’ signature sole—you’ll want to get your hands on (feet into) these all white Yeezy sneakers. You can also check our round-up of the best Yeezy shoes of all time for more alternatives in the same style.

Best for: The infamous street-style image with a feminine stance.

Alexander McQueen Sneakers

best white sneakers women alexander mcqueen review - Luxe Digital

You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Alexander McQueens. But these will blow your socks off. 

Imported from Italy, this pair of sneakers is nothing short of luxury. The soft, white leather is contrasted with a bronze heel tab. And the exaggerated rubber soles will give you the confidence to take on any task.

Best for: Adding a subtle sparkle to a mundane day.

Best sporty white sneakers for women

In the past, we hunted down the best walking sneakers and top workout trainers. But if you’re looking for versatile sporty kicks to style multi-colored workout sets—these white trainers are your new go-to.

Nike Air Force 1

best white sneakers women nike air force 1 07 review - Luxe Digital

These Nike white sneakers are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to stylish sneakers for women.

Originally designed for shooting hoops, the soft cushioned platform Nikes will add an everyday spring to your step. 

Warning: your other shoes could collect dust sitting in your closet.

Best for: Nike platform sneakers that are comfortably chic.

Adidas Ultraboost

best white sneakers women adidas ultraboost review - Luxe Digital

The white Adidas shoes are amongst the most comfortable white sneakers. With every step, the foam cushion returns your energy. And just like that—you can go for hours.The primeknit upper adjusts to the shape of your foot. And fits like a glove (We mean, sock.) 

These white running sneakers will support you through the toughest times (like your first run of the season.)

Best for: Running (around others) with endless energy.

Allbirds Tree Runners

best white sneakers women allbirds review luxe digital

Sometimes you just need space to breathe. And so do your feet.

Made in Vietnam, they’re made from lightweight, eucalyptus fibers. You can wear them with anything. And you’ll barely know they’re there. 

The Allbirds white sneakers are everything you look for in a shoe to accompany your travels.

Best for: Keeping your shoes on in confined spaces.

Axel Arigato Marathon Trainers

best white sneakers women axel arigato marathon runner review luxe digital

They’ll entice any laid back fashionista to take up track.

But the ‘90s retro detailing, mesh uppers and chunky soles are more than just a fashion statement. This pair of white Axel Arigato Marathon Trainers is perfectly designed for optimum comfort. 

You’ll still have to take them out for coffee after a jog. These white designer sneakers deserve to be seen.

Best for: Showing off your new fitness regime at a coffee shop.

New Balance 624 V2

best white sneakers women new balance 624 review - Luxe Digital

You’re looking at your one-size-fits-all sneaker. OK, not quite. But these casual trainers can accomplish almost anything.

This New Balance white sneaker flaunts beautiful stitching and a navy-outlined embossed logo on the side. The training shoe allows for natural foot movement and comfortably cushioned strides. They’re the white casual sneakers to fit into your active lifestyle.

Best for: Your every-day active lifestyle.

On Cloud Running Sneakers

best white sneakers women on cloud review - Luxe Digital

Feel like floating on a cloud? This pair is calling your name.

These On Cloud Running Sneakers are comfortable enough to run a marathon. However, everyday admin is also deemed a worthy excuse to get your hands on (feet into) a pair. With zero-gravity foam and a CloudTex sole, your feet will feel like they’ve died and floated to fashion heaven

Best for: That zero-gravity foam floaty feeling.

Hoka One Clifton 8

best white sneakers women hoka one review luxe digital

They’re the reason we live in lycra with no intention to work out. 

These white running shoes whisper luxury with breathable light mesh and cushioned soles. The Hoka One Clifton 8  luxury trainers are perfect for quick sprints or long marathons. They’re also the stylish excuse to put on your gear hours (or days) before your next run.

Best for: Living in lycra in between runs.

APL TechLoom Wave

best white sneakers women apl techLoom wave review - Luxe Digital

We’re wild about them.

These sporty APL trainers flaunt the latest technology with stretch rebound mesh and a cushioned sole. You can even remove the laces for a streamlined look. And the leopard print detail will add that spice to your daily routine. We mean, why play it safe when you can go wild?

Best for: Spicing up your routines.

Best women’s white platform sneakers

Platforms are back and we could all do with the lift. The extra height is an easy way to boost your confidence while maintaining a refined laid-back look.

M.Gemi’s Palestra Alta

best white sneakers women m gemi review - Luxe Digital

Lift your sneaker game. 

M.Gemi’s Palestra Alta is made from Italian Nappa leather. The minimalist design is enough to compliment the platform sole in an effortlessly poised manner.

These platform sneakers are cut with breezy perforations and accented with a high-shine thread wrap to add that luxury touch.  

Best for: Elevating your sneaker game with an understated design.

Common Projects’ Tournament

best white sneakers women common projects tournament review - Luxe Digital

These tournament sneakers are exaggerated by a chunky sole and careful attention to detail.

Made in Italy, each pair of Common Projects Tournament is assembled with precision, ensuring a perfect fit. The clean all white design is momentarily interrupted by the brand’s signature gold-serial numbers. 

You’ll never regret getting a pair of these chunky classics. 

Best for: Exemplary attention to detail.

By Far Rodina

best white sneakers women by far rodina review - Luxe Digital

This Italian sneaker is the softened, feminine iteration of classic sneakers for women.

The slight platform is just enough to give you that edge without drawing attention. The flawless shoe details a combination of white leathers, adding texture to the all white ensemble. 

The By Far platforms achieves an edgy elegance that is difficult to replicate.

Best for: Street-style with a soft, feminine touch.

Converse Run Star Hike

best white sneakers women converse run star hike - Luxe Digital

You won’t enter the room quietly in these iconic Chuck Taylor’s (with a twist.)

The statement sneaker is dressed in a white colorway, with the signature black logo. Although bold, the neutral palette makes them easy to style.

These all-white Converse platforms are the stand-out choice to ramp up your season.

Best for: Versatile kicks that make a statement.

Best white tennis shoes for women

Looking to ace your game on and off the court? You can’t go wrong with this list of stellar sneakers. From the court to the clubhouse—these white court tennis shoes know how to win

Adidas Stan Smith

best white sneakers women stan smith shoes - Luxe Digital

Did you know that the white Adidas shoes were originally made for the tennis court? 

Although they’re making moves everywhere else, we think they deserve to ace a serve here or there. And if you’re looking to impress your opponent (with more than just your forehand)—the original Stan Smith women’s white sneakers are totally unbeatable.

Best for: Winning moves on and off the court.

Reebok Club C 1985

best white sneakers women reebok club c 85 - Luxe Digital

These classic tennis shoes by Reebok enjoy a retro 80s vibe.

The white leather upper showcases detailed lining. And the green signature logo (complemented by the union jack) adds more than just a touch of personality.

If they’re too handsome to run around the court, the Reebok classics make for a perfect clubhouse date.

Best for: A retro classic.

Saint Laurent Court Classic

best white sneakers women saint laurent - Luxe Digital

Every cloud has a silver lining. And this pair has a few. 

Soft Italian white leather is used for cloud-like comfort. And is contrasted with a silver heel tab and silver Saint Laurent embroidery. The durable rubber soles promise to stand the test of time. 

And like any saint, these court classics won’t leave your side

Best for: The stylish silver lining to cloud-like comfort.

Tory Burch Howell

best white sneakers women tory burch - Luxe Digital

They’re the clean contemporary take on court classics.

They whisper subtle tones of effortless class and sophistication. Made from quality leather and embossed with the signature logo on the heel, these white tennis sneakers take pride in the finer details.

Tory Burch’s court sneaker is the refined finish to your laid back look.

Best for: The less is more laid back look.

Best white high top sneakers for women

High tops are the sneaker to tease you out of your comfort zone. But the white colorway will keep you in check. We just can’t get enough of these naughty-but-nice white high tops.

Allbirds Tree Toppers

best white sneakers women allbirds womens tree toppers - Luxe Digital

One thing is certain: Allbirds know how to do comfortable with natural fibers and silky materials. Just check our in-depth Allbirds sneakers review to see what we mean.

The soft, stretchy material of the Allbirds Tree Toppers molds to your feet and adjusts to your movements. And with breathable eucalyptus fibers, they’ve got that all-natural look and feel.

Some would say that a day in these Allbirds high-tops is equivalent to an hour at the foot spa.

Best for: Foot treatment like no other.

Air Jordan 1

best white sneakers women air jordan - Luxe Digital

If you were as engrossed in The Last Dance as we were, you’re probably desperate to step into a pair of Air Jordans.

This tongue is embossed with the iconic slam dunk logo. And the sleek all-white sneakers will never get old. 

These high top white Air Jordan 1 sneakers were made to be passed down to future generations. 

Best for: A timeless design to surpass your lifetime.

Chuck Taylor

best white sneakers women converse chuck taylor - Luxe Digital

You know timeless trends if you’re ordering a fresh pair of Chucks.

The all white shoe shows off the signature navy All Star motif and red and black rims. They’ve been around for nine decades and they’re not leaving any time soon.

You’ll never have to chuck (pun intended) out these all-white Converse high-tops

Best for: The signature look that won’t go out of style.

Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics

best white sneakers women vans sk8 hi core classics - Luxe Digital

It’s time to add a playful touch to your mundane routine. And these skater kicks know how to do it.

Designed to hit the parks, the Vans SK8-Hi Core Classics offer ample ankle protection with a padded collar. And the cheeky silhouette is complimented by a classy all white colorway.

These high top white sneakers achieve mischievous sophistication like no other.

Best for: A cheeky silhouette meets a classy colorway.

Gola Coaster High

best white sneakers women gola - Luxe Digital

They’re minimalist. They’re versatile. They’re all grown up.

The soft off white colorway is complimented by a gold logo on the side. They’re lined with breathable fabrics. And they offer a light cushioned footbed. 

These Gola high tops enable you to spend all day on your feet whilst achieving a sophisticated streetwear style. 

Best for: A minimalist and mature take on high top white sneakers.

Best low top white sneakers for women

Low top sneakers are a little more risque—in that they expose your ankles. And if you really want to show off your beautiful bone structure, we’ve found a few high quality kicks that can even be worn without socks.

Clark’s Un Rio Sprint

best white sneakers women clarks un - Luxe Digital

Love a tan leather accent? So do we.

The neutral tanned accent points compliment the soft white leather. And the design plays with wavy seams to achieve an elegant athletic sneaker.

The Clark’s Un Rio Sprint low tops surpass other stylish sneakers for women. And they achieve optimal comfort with breathable lining and a thick cushioned sole.

Best for: Tan leather accents that take us back to combi roadtrips.

Golden Goose Superstar

best white sneakers women golden goose superstar - Luxe Digital

Nervous to scuff up your new pristine whites? They’ve already done it for you. 

The Italian brand deliberately uses scuffs and smudges to achieve an effortlessly cool, worn-in look. And the metallic touches—a gold heel tab and side silver logo—take the design one step further. 

These Golden Goose women’s distressed sneakers are not afraid to get down and dirty.

Best for: Scuffs and smudges to encourage carefree living.

Isabel Marant

best white sneakers women isabel marant - Luxe Digital

They’re your childhood favorites all grown up.

Strap sneakers are back. And these strappers are your new go-to. The ribbed strap edges flawlessly complement a sleek black heel tab, giving them a cute finesse.

Isabel Marant’s Beth Leather Strap sneaker knows how to play with nostalgia while keeping it classy.

Best for: A mature rendition of our playground trappers.

Fear of God

best white sneakers women fear of god - Luxe Digital

Made in Italy, these low tops say it all.

They’re off white in color with perforated detailing throughout. Made from high quality leather to achieve optimal comfort, they don’t need to do anything more to stake their claim in the luxury market. 

These white low tops by Fear of God are the versatile must-have for any high-end wardrobe.

Best for: The off white hue and quality leather says it all.

Gucci Ace

best white sneakers women gucci - Luxe Digital

Tom-boy style sneakers are introduced to a dusty pink heel tab. And the iconic logo is perforated into sustainably sourced leather. 

This pair of luxury white sneakers is the only real romance you need in your life. But they’re even better if you get your husband to swipe his card. 

Best for: A girl-meets-boy love affair.

Women’s white canvas sneakers

These lightweight canvas sneakers mold to your feet and can be chucked in the wash. And while they may be low on maintenance, they’re high in fashion. Here are our top choices to keep you looking fresh.

New Republic Madison

best white sneakers women new republic - Luxe Digital

They’re the effortless shoes to take you from brunch to dinner without a pair of socks.

Handcrafted from a breathable cotton canvas, they’ll mold to your feet for that barefoot feel. They come in all white or off white colorways.

And with a subtle gold logo on the tongue, these Madison canvas kicks are the simple, chic staple your feet crave

Best for: That sock-free breathable barefoot feel.

Vans Old Skool

best white sneakers women vans classic old skool - Luxe Digital

They’ve got that old school stripe to the side. And we love them for it.

The all white sneakers feature the iconic Off The Wall logo on the heel and stay true to the brand’s signature waffle grip.

It’s safe to say, these time-honored Vans Old Skool skater sneakers are back with a new suave.

Best for: Off the wall meets understated class.

Converse Chuck Taylor Low-Top

best white sneakers women converse chuck taylor low top luxe digital

It’s another classic that never dies. These white low-tops are a great alternative for those who prefer a more modern silhouette.

These Converse Chuck Taylors are easy to dress if you’re after a slip-on, slip-off sneaker. And they showcase the same iconic features as their high-collared counterparts. 

These all white Converse low-top sneakers know how to keep life simple.

Best for: A slip-on, slip-off simple lifestyle.

Superga Cotu Classic

best white sneakers women superga - Luxe Digital

A sneaker list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our Italian favorite canvas sneakers. And you’ll be grateful we did. 

Made from pure cotton, these cool white sneakers by Superga allow for proper ventilation. So your feet will feel as fresh as they look. 

The chic classic speaks to an effortless less-is-more style with Superga’s signature logo and metal eyes.

Best for: Tackling streets that feel like a pizza oven.

White slip-on sneakers for women

Say goodbye to straps and laces. And start wearing slippers to the shops. This is your go-to guide for stylish slip-on sneakers. So that you can look your best without the hassle.

Bottega BV Quilt

best white sneakers women bottega veneta - Luxe Digital

This is the comfort of your Grandma’s quilt embodied in a pair of slip-ons. That’s if your Grandma’s on trend.

The uncomplicated architecture showcases their signature Intrecciato quilt design and darker rubber soles.

These Bottega slip-ons are perfect for the days you’re running late but don’t compromise your look.

Best for: An iconic quilt design with slip-on ease.

Saint Laurent Venice

best white sneakers women saint laurent venice - Luxe Digital

These luxury sneakers take a literal stance to ‘running fashionably late.’ You can slip them on in a second and still turn up looking great.

The sleek white canvas upper is perfectly contrasted with a black heel tab and gold motif.

The Saint Laurent slip-ons are the shoes to leave at your front door at all times.

Best for: Running (fashionably) late.

Alex Birman Clarita

best white sneakers women alexandre birman - Luxe Digital

Wrapped with a bow, these slip-ons are the perfect gift to yourself.

The Italian leather sneakers maintain the convenience of slip-ons. But they’ve amped up the style with their big signature knotted bow. 

These white Alex Birman slip-ons are exquisitely feminine and will go with anything. Every powerhouse woman needs a pair.

Best for: Wrapping up your outfit with style.

Acne Studios Slip-Ons

best white sneakers women acne studios - Luxe Digital

Acne Studios Slip-Ons are simple and fuss-free.

The Italian brand matches the slip on’s easy-going attitude with its laid back aesthetics. The off white sneaker displays their signature label. And the distressed finish speaks to the brands’ unique take on luxury.

These women’s white sneakers belong in a Greek beach house with your favorite linen dress. 

Best of: A fuss-free beach holiday mood.

Retro runners and white vintage sneakers for women

You don’t have to go thrifting to add an old-school kick to your wardrobe. All our favorite sneaker brands are as into retro runners as we are. And we can’t get enough of these vintage kicks.

Loewe Vintage Sneakers

best white sneakers women loewe suede and leather sneakers - Luxe Digital

These suede and leather sneakers know how to talk texture.

But the Italian beauties do more than just play with fabrics. The white and beige colors also contribute to that versatile vintage look.

The large, white cursive logo on the side flawlessly finishes off the retro design on this pair by Loewe. 

Best for: A vintage va va voom stride.

Fila Disruptor

best white sneakers women fila disruptor - Luxe Digital

They don’t call them disruptors for nothing. The white chunky sneakers are here to disrupt the industry. They’ve got a thick sole, perforated sides and feature the iconic logo.

These Fila Disruptor are the retro runners to make a statement. 

Best for: Disrupting your wardrobe with old-school fun.

Rag & Bone Retro Runner

best white sneakers women rag and bone retro runner - Luxe Digital

They take perforated sides to a whole new level.

The leather upper is almost entirely perforated and showcases a white leather flash to take you back to the ‘70s. The tanned rubber sole completes the retro design. 

These Rag & Bone runners are the versatile, vintage kick your wardrobe needs. 

Best for: Racing into retro with perforated leather.

Maison Margiela Replica

best white sneakers women maison margiela - Luxe Digital

This is the vintage sneaker to top all vintage sneakers. 

A soft white leather is accented with silky gray stripes and tabs. And the cream laces speak to a dark rubber sole. The combinations create a playful symphony. But simultaneously keep it neutral with understated tones. 

These retro runners by Maison Margiela are a work of art to show off your bottom half. 

Best for: A retro symphony of subtle textures and colors.


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