Redis Stack outfits Redis for real-time apps Otesanya David March 25, 2022

Redis Stack outfits Redis for real-time apps

Redis Stack outfits Redis for real-time apps


With Redis Stack, in-memory data store provider Redis is consolidating the capabilities of multiple Redis modules into a single extension, looking to make it easy for developers to build real-time applications.

Developers using Redis Stack should find it easier to build with Redis-based search, document, graph, and time series capabilities. Announced March 23, Redis Stack is a suite of three components:

  • Redis Stack Server, combining open source Redis with the RediSearch secondary index and query engine, the RedisJSON JSON data type, the RedisGraph queryable property graph database, the RedisTimeSeries time series data structure, and RedisBloom, providing probabilistic data structures.
  • RedisInsight, a tool for visualizing and optimizing Redis data.
  • Redis Stack Client SDK, with Redis clients in Java, JavaScript, and Python. The clients include a suite of object mapping libraries, with abstractions intended to help developers be productive with just a few lines of code.

Redis modules are dynamic libraries that can be loaded into Redis. They make it possible to extend Redis functionality and implement new commands that provide significant features on par with what can be done inside the core.

Redis Stack is available for Redis 6.2, with a release candidate offered for the planned Redis 7.0 version. To get started with Redis Stack, developers should download it from or install it using a package manager or by launching the Redis Stack Docker image. Redis Stack can be deployed in the cloud by creating a free database on Redis Enterprise Cloud or by using one of several Fixed plans from Redis.

Redis Labs stressed that Redis Stack was not a replacement for Redis Enterprise. When developers are ready to run Redis Stack, they can migrate data using the Redis replication mechanism or by loading RDB or AOF files.

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