Paternity Fraud: Wise up, Pere advises men Otesanya David March 26, 2022

Paternity Fraud: Wise up, Pere advises men

Paternity Fraud: Wise up, Pere advises men


Bring back the discussion of paternity fraud and infidelity on social media, Nigerian actor and reality Tv star, Pere Egbi has advised men to wise up as he opines that some women are out there just to ruin some men.

According to the Delta-born model, most men some men are being played fathering children that are not theirs. He, however, urged men to wise up and do the right thing – a DNA test. “Some men out here getting played fathering children who they don’t even know aren’t theirs. Wise up! Some women are out here just to ruin some men,” he wrote.

There was a lot of reactions to this on social media as a lot of users had different views to this. According to some of them, DNA test is too expensive to afford, while some believe DNA should be mandatory at birth.

“I don’t see why DNA shouldn’t be mandatory at childbirth. Please protect your peace of mind at all cost!!,” a user with the name Nene George wrote in response to Pere’s post.

Another user with the name aimthamachine_ said: “We been know bro. We been know, na why we dey collect Lapo and LCredit loans to run DNA test. Better to return back to the trenches with your original child than to still return back to trenches with another man’s child.”

The discussion continues and doesn’t look like one which will end anytime soon.


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