Optimize your cloud career | InfoWorld Otesanya David April 1, 2022

Optimize your cloud career | InfoWorld

Optimize your cloud career | InfoWorld


When I use the term optimization, I often refer to finding the most efficient way to use technology. Cloud career optimization (CCO for those of you who love TLAs [three-letter acronyms]) is the notion of evaluating the best and most efficient career path. Yes, it’s great to find the best-paying job, but it’s better to find the best-paying job that also brings a smile to your face. With these two attributes, a job approaches full optimization.

Careers in cloud computing all seem to have the same attributes. Either you can get a job that’s good enough and pays market rate for your skills, or you can find a job that provides opportunities for what you want to do now and into the future and pays what you want to make, within some limits.

I routinely mentor people embarking on cloud career paths and, more often, people looking to improve their existing cloud computing positions. Most of us are motivated by the same factors, with some prioritizing one over another. These factors include:

Being valued by the business. My father used to tell me, “You can earn a million dollars a year and still be underpaid.” Those who are undervalued by the businesses they serve know this all too well. 

Value is almost never measured solely by monetary compensation, such as yearly bonuses, although money obviously factors into career decisions. The simple recognition and appreciation of the value that an employee brings to the company can be priceless. I often see people quit right after a major raise or generous bonus, simply because they do not feel like their participation in the business is of any true value. 

In the world of cloud computing, employee value should be connected to major milestones such as migrating a group of applications and data to the cloud, or other accomplishments that deserve acknowledgment.

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