My data killed my cloud project! Otesanya David March 25, 2022

My data killed my cloud project!

My data killed my cloud project!


Data transfers seem to be the easiest part of cloud migration. After all, migrating applications is the biggest pain in the neck. Data replication and migration should be simple, something that’s done during the last step of the application and data migration process. Right?

Many people in IT will sit in a big circle and tell you that data is their most valuable business asset. You would never know it, based on the current state of their data. They have no single source of truth, and replication is the most common way they solve data problems. Also, the data is not properly cataloged, data integration is often missing or just adds more complexity, and database administration and security are lackluster. 

The problem now? They want to move all this jumbled data to the cloud.

News flash: The cloud fixes nothing. It’s simply another platform that will host your existing data problems. It might even make things worse, considering the ease of allocating storage and databases with a click of a mouse to drive quick fixes. Now we can do dumb things faster and cheaper in the cloud. 

Here are the core opportunities to avoid these problems:

Make data a first-class citizen. Have you ever thought, “If it works, then it does not need attention”? We often overlook poorly designed and maintained databases because they can still store and retrieve data; therefore they are doing their job and do not need to be an IT priority. 

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