Katie Kittermaster | Lukewarm Lover Single Review Otesanya David March 22, 2022

Katie Kittermaster | Lukewarm Lover Single Review

Katie Kittermaster | Lukewarm Lover Single Review


Katie Kittermaster, a twenty year old singer-songwriter from The Garden Of England, releases her latest single, ‘Lukewarm Lover’ on Revanche Records this week. Following on from Katie’s acoustic version of her own song, ‘The Problem’, and her cover of The Police’s ‘Every Breathe You Take’ in November last year, Kittermaster’s latest release further enhances her growing portfolio.

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At around the same time as she was touring with Lucy Spraggan towards the end of 2019 Kittermaster also began to release her reflective songs. The whimsical and reflective ‘T-Shirt’, the Brexit inspired ‘Disaster’ and the track that started it all, ‘Sunday Afternoon’, introduced us to the enchanting talents of Katie Kittermaster. The arrangements have been largely uncluttered and minimalist to date, letting Katie’s voice take centre stage and captivate her audience.

‘One Of A Kind’, last year’s September single, introduced more layering and a stronger percussive beat, whilst the original version of her October track, ‘The Problem’ introduced more atmospherics to compliment the percussion with Kittermaster coming across somewhere between A Fine Frenzy and Polly Scattergood. (Not bad company to be keeping tbh)

On Katie Kittermaster’s latest single, ‘Lukewarm Lover’ she builds on that bolder more confident sound to bring us her most accomplished song to date. Katie has entered the world of Pop with her latest song, casting aside some of her Indie-Folk sensibilities. The vulnerability that is almost inherent within her voice is still a huge part of her appeal, but on her latest track she uses that to great effect, spinning it and embracing it to empower her performance. The quiver and the intonation have not been lost with her latest vocal performance but she has stretched herself further than before to deliver her most impressive song thus far. Is 2021 destined to be Katie Kittermaster’s breakthrough year?  


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