Is Tissot Better Than Seiko? Otesanya David April 1, 2022

Is Tissot Better Than Seiko?

Is Tissot Better Than Seiko?


A frequently asked question about these two brands is which is better – Tissot or Seiko? Today, we will discuss both brands and help you decide which is best for you.

Is Tissot Better Than Seiko?

Tissot Vs Seiko

Despite their similarities and differences, the fact remains that Tissot and Seiko are two renowned watch companies that continue to push boundaries and create some of the best timepieces at an unbeatable price point.

Tissot is well-known for its long history and affordable luxury timepieces. While Seiko’s technical offerings range from low-cost in-house mechanicals to high-end inventions such as the Grand Seiko spring drive movement have helped the watch brand gain additional respect in the watch world.

A frequently asked question about these two brands is which is better – Tissot or Seiko? Today, we will discuss both brands and help you decide which is best for you.

Let’s look at Tissot first…

Tissot is one of the largest, most globally recognized watch brands. It has a long heritage and an almost limitless supply of credit because it is part of one of the industry’s largest watch-making conglomerates, The Swatch Group.

They’ve been around since 1853, long before Rolex, and are responsible for many modern-day innovations. Tissot created the first non-magnetic wristwatch in 1929, which was 20 years before the antimagnetic boom.

Founder Charles-Émile Tissot promoted Swiss watch-making schools in the 1850s, ensuring their region-specific engineering would carry on into the future.

Tissot isn’t just about looking and being fancy. They use high-quality quartz and mechanical movements, which they source from their Swatch cousin, ETA. Tissot tests their watches for resistance to impact, pressure, and water.

Tissot produces clean, clear, and highly legible watches built to stand the test of time. Along with Tissot, the Swatch Group owns prestigious names such as Hamilton, Longines, Certina, Omega, Blancpain, and even Breguet.

Seiko is the pioneer of Japan’s horology culture, and its goal is to master every aspect of the watchmaking industry.

Seiko is not focused on developing a premium lifestyle brand with a singular history and is more concerned with accomplishing everything, particularly on the technological front.

Seiko makes optimal use of old and paid-for parts, then combines them with mechanized manufacture to create economical mechanical timepieces.

The introduction of the first quartz-driven watch, the Seiko Astron, in 1969 cemented the brand’s global recognition. Quartz’s advent paved the way for more affordable watches for a wider audience, as it was far more accurate and cost less than mechanical clocks.

Tissot & Seiko’s Similarities

Tissot and Seiko make watches with automatic movements, leather straps, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystals.

Tissot perfectly follows the traditional rules of luxury dress watches.

However, if you prefer more complications and weight in your evening watch, Seiko’s Presage is an excellent choice.

Tissot or Seiko? Final Thoughts

In general, both Tissot and Seiko are outstanding timepieces with distinct advantages. If you enjoy buying into the opulent world of vintage watches, Tissot offers high-quality timepieces for a fraction of the price of other Swiss watchmakers.

If you’re interested in horology or want a large assortment of watches, Seiko is unbeatable. While there is some overlap, their strengths are radically different, and there’s no reason why the two can’t be combined into one collection!

Jomashop is a great place to find the best timepieces from both brands. With many models available at a fraction of their original price, you will get a good deal on great watches that, if properly maintained, can offer a lifetime of enjoyment. Here are some Seiko and Tissot watches you can buy on a budget.


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