How to improve agile meetings Otesanya David March 25, 2022

How to improve agile meetings

How to improve agile meetings


Developers enjoy being on self-organizing agile teams and building innovative solutions. They recognize the need to discuss problems, resolve blocks, hold retrospectives, and share results in sprint reviews.

But developers loathe attending too many meetings or wasting time in poorly managed ones. Barrages of urgent emails, impromptu Zoom sessions, or frequent Slack messages can drain productivity. Coding requires concentration, and distractions can lead to software defects and quality issues.

Evaluate meeting practices and behaviors

We used whiteboards and sticky notes to manage backlogs in the early agile and scrum years, but most teams replaced these analog practices with Jira Software,, Azure DevOps, or other agile tools. Many agile practitioners prefer having collocated teams working in open spaces, but there are many best practices for supporting agile in geographically dispersed teams.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider meeting practices for hybrid experiences.     

“In the engineering and developer community, being able to use the best tools is important and directly tied to developer happiness,” says Sabry Tozin, vice president of productivity engineering at LinkedIn. “They like getting work done without interruptions, and in a hybrid environment, organizations must invest in tooling to attract and retain talent while enabling a more seamless hybrid work experience.”

Ravi Duddukuru, chief product officer at DevGraph, agrees and says development managers, product owners, and scrum managers must adjust how meetings are managed and that it’s even more important to manage the time and agenda. He says, “When we all used to work in offices, standup meetings ensured meeting efficiency. That approach needs to be applied to remote agile and app dev meetings. The purpose and agenda need to be clear, everyone needs to know exactly what to report, and then the meeting should end.”

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