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How To Authenticate Louis Vuitton

How To Authenticate Louis Vuitton


Counterfeit items have always been a problem with luxury items, and that is not much different when it comes to Louis Vuitton items. Websites like eBay are often seen as hubs for fake bags, with a high percentage of these boasting the iconic LV logo. Find out how to authenticate Louis Vuitton in this in depth guide.

Scammers are constantly out there trying to take advantage of shoppers in search of vintage designer goods. So the best way to ensure you don’t fall victim and purchase counterfeit id to know your brands inside and out.

Starting with the legendary Louis Vuitton Paris, of course. One of the most famous French luxury brands, its bags and leather accessories are synonymous with style and quality.

How to authenticate Louis Vuitton bags and accessories
How to authenticate Louis Vuitton bags and accessories

The iconic Louis Vuitton Damier and Monogram patterns can be found on many authentic products such as the Alma, Neverfull and Speedy. Yet they’re often imitated by unscrupulous sellers.

Here’s a detailed list made to help you identify authentic and fake Louis Vuitton handbags.

How to Authenticate Louis Vuitton – 7 Ways to Spot Real LV

Authentic bags have several characteristics that can be looked at to identify whether they are genuine.

1. Check The Stitching

The number of stitches, the quality thereof, the alignment, and the color of the stitches can all indicate if it’s a real or fake bag. Although authentic Louis Vuitton bags at times don’t have perfect stitching, they will always be well-crafted.

The number of stitches should always mirror one another on the symmetrical parts of the bag. For certain bags, experts can count the exact amount of stitches in a certain place and tell if it’s a real bag.

Another example that is specific to the LV monogram bag, is that the stitching is always a certain yellow color on the trim and brown on the leather. So be sure to check if the side seams, stamps, and the rest of the bag are well stitched.

Louis Vuitton handbags
Louis Vuitton handbags

2. Look At The Stamp

In all the authentic LV bags there is a heat stamp that acts as a mark of authentication. Unlike Chanel, which has authenticity cards that come with the purchase, these heat stamps are placed on the inside of the bag.

For a long time, these stamps were marked as “Louis Vuitton Paris” but since the bags are now being made in other countries. You can find stamps with Spain, America, and other countries marked on them as well.

The easiest way to identify whether the stamp is fake or not is to look at the letter. On a real Louis Vuitton bag, the L is a lot smaller than the O, the T’s are close to one another and look like they almost touch. Another telltale sign is the lettering which is always thin and crisp.

3. Check The Date Stamp

Similar to the stamps inside of the bags, you can use Louis Vuitton date codes to see if they are real. The letters represent the country they were made in while the four numbers represent when they were made. This acts as a model number.

On bags that date back anywhere between 2007 up until 2021, the first and third numbers represent the week of the year it was made. The second and fourth numbers represent the year it was made.

Fake LV bags can, of course, use these but be sure to compare the date stamp country to the country on the heat stamp that was mentioned above.

4. Check The Louis Vuitton Hardware

An easy way to see if luxury brand bags are real is by looking at the hardware, such as accent pieces or the zipper pull.

On timeless, vintage bags like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, you can almost immediately tell if it’s an imitation. On this specific bag, you simply need to look in front of the inside pocket. The hardware should be in a D-like shape, but counterfeits tend to have those rounded.

A Louis Vuitton leather backpack
A Louis Vuitton leather backpack

5. Leather Strips

Looking at the leather strips that run over the bags and make up the handles is another surefire way to identify if it’s a genuine Louis Vuitton bag or a fake.

However, this can only be noted after owning a bag for quite some time or after buying used older bags. And it is specific to bags using pale-colored leather such as a few pieces from the Speedy bag range.

These straps are made out of Vachetta leather and there is a distinct reason for this. On real Louis Vuitton bags, these straps, after time, will start to darken and turn into a more golden brown shade. If you own a bag or bought a used vintage bag and it stays the same pale-color, it is unfortunately a fake. 

A Louis Vuitton monogram purse with dust bag and box
A Louis Vuitton monogram purse with leather strap

6. The Dust Bag

Another way to find out if a Louis Vuitton bag or wallet is genuine is by looking at the dust bag, the bag in which the item comes in. This is an easy way to identify a fake one since it’s such a minimalist design.

Real dust bags have a soft tan color and feature the name, Louis Vuitton, or have the LV logo centered on the bag.

So if you purchase a bag that has any other details, such as a serial number, country code, or any other non-valuable information, then the chances are high that you’re holding a lookalike bag.

Louis Vuitton wallet with a dust bag and box
Louis Vuitton wallet with a dust bag and box

7. The Logo

It seems simple enough but there is a distinct difference in fake logos. The letter L should always be lower than the letter V. Be sure to check whether the letters are wonky or imperfectly aligned.

You should also look at the monogram patterns diagonally. The order of the strips should be fleur-de-lis, a circle, fleur-de-lis, and then the LV logo. 

Identify Genuine Louis Vuitton Bags with Confidence

With all the information presented above, you shouldn’t have any more issues with identifying real LV bags. Designer bags, especially from Louis Vuitton make great self-spoils, as well as Valentine’s gifts for a lucky lady.

But you want to be sure you’re getting the bona fide product when you’re paying the price for one. So use these tips to check if your purchase is legitimate.

If you find yourself struggling to identify fake Louis Vuitton bags, be sure to get in touch with a professional to make sure that your purchase is legit. Remember to be wary of each purchase and preferably go to a factory location to get your hands on an authentic Louis Vuitton bag.

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How to authenticate Louis Vuitton
How to authenticate Louis Vuitton

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