Harsha Bhogle Instagram Live Goes Viral. Issues Clarification. Otesanya David March 25, 2022

Harsha Bhogle Instagram Live Goes Viral. Issues Clarification.

Harsha Bhogle Instagram Live Goes Viral. Issues Clarification.


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At times our personal lives do come and enter our professional ones. Just the fact that in today’s world with many of us working from home, this is bound to happen. Harsha Bhogle just had one of the scariest and most embarrassing moments on live chat yesterday. Harsha was speaking to Sportwalk regarding the buildup to IPL 2022 when this happened. Here is an in-depth look about the same: 

Harsha Bhogle Leaves Instagram Live Chat Abruptly before IPL 2022: 

While speaking to Sportwalk on Instagram, Harsha ended the live chat by saying the words “Kya Hua? Kaun Hai? Kaha se aa Gaye?”. This translates to “What happened? Who’s there? From where have you come?”. Before the screen went dark and other voices were heard. The anchor of the chat session did try to enquire by saying, “Harsha Sir, are you fine?” But to no reply.  

This abrupt ending of the live chat had got the fans scared and disrupted. Many fans were concerned for the well-being of their beloved host. Fans flooded Twitter with tweets regarding the same.  

Harsha Bhogle Issues Clarification About Viral Live Chat: 

After the session came to an end, and the abrupt ending was all over the internet, Harsha had to step in to clarify their well-being of himself. This was done in the form of a tweet. “I am fine. Sorry to have got a lot of you worried. Thank you for your love and concern. It became more viral than I anticipated. That too is learning. It was meant for something else. Sorry and Cheers!” 

This tweet was then followed by a follow-up tweet saying, “You learn something new every day. It seemed a lighthearted thing to do but, in its execution, it became something that I didn’t think it would. I am a bit embarrassed now.” 

These tweets also hint at a possibility that the entire incident could have been pre-planned by the channel and Harsha himself.  Harsha is an integral part of the IPL’s commentary panel for the Star TV Network for IPL 2022. Harsha has also been associated with cricbuzz for the coverage of IPL 20022.

To know more go to the official page of the BCCI.

To know more go to the official website of the IPL.


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