Govt-recognised start-up launches smartphone-based portable oxygen kit Otesanya David March 25, 2022

Govt-recognised start-up launches smartphone-based portable oxygen kit

Govt-recognised start-up launches smartphone-based portable oxygen kit


A startup has launched a new smartphone-based portable oxygen kit that can provide consistent oxygen supply during disasters and medical emergencies. Also Read – Google could ban sale of all Android devices in Russia: What we know

The smartphone-based apparatus is claimed to be easy to handle and transport. The setup can supply Oxygen to communities during situations like the recent Covid 19 pandemic and other disasters like medical emergencies and high altitude-related problems. Also Read – Android 12 smartphones impacted by major flaw: How to check if your phone is affected

The field-portable smart bag pack emergency oxygen concentrator called Oxygen Plus was designed by GRS India, a Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DIPP) Government of India, recognized start-up with support from the North East Centre For Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR), an autonomous organisation of the Department of Science and Technology (DST). The product is suitable for easy transportation in the hilly terrains of the North East will be manufactured in the NER. A statement by the Ministry of Science & Technology said that the patent filling is under process. Also Read – Redmi 10 launch date announced: Phone to get a massive performance upgrade

During the recent pandemic, arranging oxygen for patients suffering from breathlessness had become a major challenge. Conventional oxygen support techniques for pulmonary, respiratory, and trauma patients in community outreach, were found to be time-consuming, costly, and required sophisticated equipment and procedures. It was difficult to reach them in time of need, especially to remote areas.

In view of similar situations in the future, the start-up came up with the idea of development of a field-portable smart bag pack emergency kit-based oxygen refiller, which could be linked to a monitoring mobile application for Covid-19 and other emergency life support.

The device can also be used by frontline workers, paramedics, fire tenders, nurses, doctors for oxygen support during medical emergencies, trauma as well as disasters to protect the health workers from the risk of breathing contaminated air.

The developed product is currently being validated, and the design is still being worked on.

Oxygen kit, Oxygen kit uses smartphone

Smartphone based Oxygen Kit. Image: Ministry of Science and Technology


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