Dive into New STEM Resources with Olympian Katie Ledecky Otesanya David March 27, 2022

Dive into New STEM Resources with Olympian Katie Ledecky

Dive into New STEM Resources with Olympian Katie Ledecky


New STEM Resources Making a Splash This Month. Register Today!

January marks the launch of an exciting new STEM education program created in partnership between Discovery Education and Panasonic Corporation of North America (“Panasonic”), spearheaded by 3-time Olympian and 15-time World Champion swimmer – and proud STEM advocate – Katie Ledecky. The all-new STEM Forward connects students in grades 3–8 to the game-changing power of technology throughout their world, with standards-aligned digital resources adaptable for any learning environment, at no cost. 

Building on Katie’s ongoing work with Panasonic as a STEM leader and collaborator, STEM Forward provides students, educators, and families with dynamic digital resources exploring the ways technology improves lives and makes the world a better place. An immersive new Virtual Field Trip will be premiering later this month to deepen the STEM learning. 

Premiering on January 25th at 1pm ET, Winning with STEM: A Virtual Field Trip with Katie Ledecky and Panasonic takes students behind-the-scenes to five incredibly unique STEM innovation centers across North America:  

  1. Panasonic’s North America HQ | Newark, NJ
    This 340,000 sq ft, 12-story tower of tech was designed to have the highest level of sustainability rating possible. 
  1. Panasonic Automotive | Detroit, MI
    STEM is being used to power micro-mobility in this space, including e-bikes that reduce traffic and pollution via bike-sharing programs. 
  1. Gigafactory | Sparks, NV
    This amazing facility – which is longer than 100 football fields – is where Panasonic is innovating Greener, more efficient car batteries. 
  1. The Illuminarium | Las Vegas, NV
    Here, at a one-of-a-kind innovation hub, immersive 360° experiences are being developed to transport people to new worlds. 
  1. Panasonic Canada Inc | Toronto, Ontario
    These outside-the-box thinkers are creating cutting-edge air purification system technology to help everyone breathe easier about health. 

Throughout the Virtual Field Trip, students will get a chance to meet Panasonic scientists, engineers, and immersive design experts using their STEM passion to make a difference in the world. An Educator Guide accompanies the Virtual Field Trip, featuring activities and conversation starters to engage students. 

Next month, a new wave of STEM Forward activities will be launching, including a variety of flexible learning opportunities for in class and at home: 

Coming This February 

  • Subject Matter Expert Video with Katie Ledecky 
  • Student Activities 
  • Educator Supports 
  • Family Activities 

Discovery Education and Panasonic are both united in their commitment to inspiring a new generation of innovative thinkers in communities nationwide, by harnessing the universally empowering capabilities of tech. Every student can develop their existing familiarity with digital technology into powerful STEM skills, and STEM Forward resources provide the hands-on learning opportunities to do just that. 

You can learn more about STEM Forward at DiscoveryEducation.com/STEMForward, or within the Discovery Education K–12 learning platform. 


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