Cute Teen Girl Presents (2022) Otesanya David March 31, 2022

Cute Teen Girl Presents (2022)

Cute Teen Girl Presents (2022)


As much as we love them, teenage girls are difficult to please. With all the endless fashion fads and changing trends to keep up with, choosing teen girl gifts that are the appropriate level of cool and aren’t going to be immediately returned requires imagination. 

We’ve done the hard work for you and come up with a list of the best teenage girl gift ideas to suit a range of budgets. 

From stylish interior decor accessories to deliciously decadent skincare products—plus some of the most popular Gen Z fashion picks—these gifts for teens are the perfect presents to show her that you care, whether you’re buying for a demanding daughter, picky niece, or fussy sister.

Check out the following gift ideas for teen girls, helpfully categorized by price:

In fact, some of these presents are so cool we wouldn’t mind them for ourselves. Youth is just wasted on the young.

In a rush? No problem! Here are the most popular gifts for teenage girls right now. These are sure to be a hit.


best value gift teenage girls cooluli - Luxe Digital
Mini Refrigerator


Confession: we’re also buying some of these for ourselves — we all deserve some TLC, agree?

Teenage girl gifts under $50

OLEBR Charging Station

If you’re looking for teen girl gifts that are sure to be well-received, then this OLEBR Charging Stand is a no-brainer. The stand holds an Apple Watch—positioning it at the perfect angle so you can check it during the night—as well as an iPhone and AirPods. In other words, it has a place for everything that your teen girl holds most precious and dear, providing overnight charging in one neat and organized space.

Best for: Keeping an Apple-addicted teenager fully charged and fully fulfilled. 

SLIP Scrunchies

The ‘90s are trending right now and nothing says ‘90s like a hair scrunchie. These ones from SLIP are gorgeous and exactly the kind of thing your teen girl needs in her life. This set of three is made from the label’s signature mulberry silk—seriously soft and perfect for stopping hair from creasing and breaking. All teenage girls take pride in their hair so it logically follows that all teenage girls will love these SLIP scrunchies

Best for: Showing your teen that you have your finger on the fashion pulse.

Fani Hair Barrettes

School uniforms can make it hard to look cool but one easy way for your teen girl to spice up her outfit? With some super fashionable hair barrettes like these ones from Fani. The pack of 20 barrettes contains various styles and colors so she can pick and choose depending on her mood and style preferences. The non-slip design means they can handle any type of hair too. 

Best for: Fashion-week-worthy hair accessories that will make any teenage girl swoon. 

BAIMEI Rose Quartz Roller

This Rose Quartz roller from BAIMEI is definitely one of the most unique gifts for teenage girls. It’s the present your teen didn’t ask for but definitely wants. Anything crystal-related is hugely popular with this generation of girls and this face roller is made of rose quartz, designed to cool and energize the skin. Sure, she’s still enviably wrinkle-free right now but she’ll still love the ritual of using this facial roller—and love showing it to her friends even more. 
Best for: A unique gift that will make your teen the coolest in her crowd.

Rose Quartz Roller

Live Streaming Selfie Light

Give your teenage daughter the power to level-up her selfies with this Live Streaming Selfie Light. Whether she’s an avid vlogger or just wants to look better in her Instagram stories, this LED light has three brightness settings so she can find the most flattering glow. This selfie light is the dream gift for anyone born into the social media generation. 

Best for: Supporting your teen in her quest for the perfect selfie. 

Live Streaming Selfie Light

Mini Cinema Lightbox

Anything old-school is trending with today’s teens and this Mini Cinema Lightbox is suitably retro in style, back-lit just like the old marquees, and with a range of color options too. She can slide in any combination of letters and characters to create a unique message. For teens, self-expression is everything, making this Mini Cinema Lightbox one of the best gifts for teenage girls. 

Best for: The dream interior design accessory for any teenage girl’s bedroom.

Mini Cinema Lightbox

Ranphykx Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

If your teenage girl has just discovered make-up, then this brush cleaning mat from Ranphykx is the perfect Christmas gift. It suctions onto the sink so you can scrub the brush against the grooves to remove any dirt or grime. Empowering any teenage beauty obsessive with pristine makeup application, this makeup brush cleaning mat is one of the best gifts for teenage girls we’ve come across. 

Best for: Any teenage beauty addict to keep her brushes in tip-top condition.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Summer Fridays Skincare Mask

Give your teen girl the tools she needs to keep her face looking fresh at this trickiest of ages with this Overtime Mask from Summer Fridays. It’s designed to brighten up dull and congested skin and is full to bursting with all the most important vitamins as well as apricot seed powder and oat kernel protein to calm irritation and inflammation. This skincare mask is pretty much a gift from the gods for any zit-prone teen. 

Best for: Getting your teen through the awkward phase with top-quality skincare.

Skincare Mask

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

A high-quality lip balm is a great gift at any age and Burt’s Bees are a cult-favorite. Made with all-natural ingredients, these lip balms provide refreshment and nourishment for worn-out lips and smell great in the process. With four delicious flavors—Pink Grapefruit, Mango, Coconut & Pear, and Pomegranate—and not a single horrible chemical, Burt’s Bees lip balms are the only ones you want your teen to be using.  

Best for: High-performing lip care that contains zero nasties.

Cooluli Mini Refrigerator

Puberty has hit and suddenly your daughter no longer wants to hang out with you. She’s happier in her bedroom, listening to music, messaging her friends, and doing whatever else teen girls do. So at least make her bedroom a great place to hang out with this stylish mini fridge from Cooluli. At least then she can be responsible for buying all her own favorite fizzy drinks and snacks.

Best for: Any teen who appreciates the privacy of their bedroom.

Mini Refrigerator

Katie Huang Nail Polish

Teen girls love nail polish and they love crystals, making this crystal-infused nail polish from Katie Huang a recipe for success. Each bottle contains micronized crystals related to a particular zodiac sign. So if you know a girl who’s a slave to her horoscope, this Katie Huang nail polish is the gift the stars have destined for her. 

Best for: Avid astrology fans with a love for cosmetics too. 

Essence Lash Mascara

No teen girl will ever turn her nose up at a new mascara and this once by Essence is one of the top-rated mascaras out there. An essential in any beauty bag, it creates the same volume and oomph as false lashes without any of the accompanying hassle. The conically shaped brush sculpts and lengthens without clumps, making this Essence Lash Princess Mascara definitely deserving of a spot on your list. 

Best for: Princess-perfect lashes for a bargain price.

Lano Multipurpose Balm

Whatever problem your teen is struggling with, this ultra-versatile balm from Lano can solve it. Aptly named the 101 Ointment, this balm softens lips, hydrates cuticles, restores heels that have cracked over summer, and even keeps eyebrows looking on fleek, as the kids say. This Lano Fruities Trio set includes three flavors. Each one contains vitamin E and lanolin and is free from any suspicious synthetics.  

Best for: High-functioning balm that can do literally everything.

LED Photo String

Teenage girls rack up a lot of photos. What better way to display all those snaps than with this fun LED Photo String? It’s the ultimate Generation Z home decor accessory. Photo clips with LEDs allow her to hang up all her favorite pics and add a glorious glow to her bedroom at the same time. Bring a boring white wall to life with this LED photo string. 100% one of the best teenage girl gifts. 

Best for: The ultimate Instagram backdrop.

LED Photo String

Anker PowerCore Charger

What happens when you take a teen girl away from the internet? Total meltdown. So ensure she always has her phone fully charged and connected with this Anker PowerCore Power bank. It’s super slim and portable, can charge a range of USB-C devices including tablets, and takes only 4.5 hours to power up after which it will provide over 46 hours of charge. 

Best for: Teen girls who depend on Wi-Fi like the rest of us depend on water.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

You could buy your teenage daughter a boring table lamp or you could buy her this Himalayan Salt Lamp. The latter boasts air purifying properties and therapeutic health benefits, releasing negative ions that purify the air and relieve stress. Being young can be hard so help her to relax with this Himalayan Salt Lamp—one of the most thoughtful teenage girl gift ideas. 

Best for: Any teen with an interest in all things New Age.

TONYMOLY Mask Sheets

What teen wouldn’t enjoy a bit of at-home pampering? This sheet mask collection from TONYMOLY features different ingredients, each designed to soothe and brighten skin. There’s a mask for every mood, from Red Wine (ideal substitute for the real deal if she’s below drinking age) to relaxing Lotus or Tea Tree. Make skincare a special ritual with this TONYMOLY face mask collection. If you’re lucky, she might let you use one too.  

Best for: Treating her to a DIY spa session.

Levi’s Jeans

One of the best women’s jeans brands of all time, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Levi’s. Check out the brand’s Wedgie Icon jeans, in particular. These mom jeans are bound to be a hit with any teen girl given the current obsession with all things ‘90s. And the best thing about Levi jeans? They last forever, so she can enjoy them this year and for many years to come. 

Best for: Jeans that are unfailingly in fashion. 

iPhone Case

Do you know an accident-prone adolescent who’s always got a cracked phone screen? Help her protect her most valuable possession in style with this one-of-a-kind phone case from i-BLASON. The Pro Max Cosmo Case for iPhone has been 10-foot drop-tested so you know it can withstand even the most careless treatment. It also comes in a range of incredible colors and with a unique marble effect. 

Best for: When your teen keeps breaking their phone.

iPhone Case

Styling Brush

Safe to say this REVLON styling brush isn’t going to be returned after Christmas. She’ll love how this hairdryer and volumizer delivers body and shine with an easy-to-use design that also detangles. Ionic Technology helps hair dry faster and reduces any heat damage so she can enjoy prom-queen-worthy blow-dries without having to even get out of her pajamas. Team with a hair mask treatment and this definitely one of the best gift ideas for teen girls.

Best for: Hair so good it belongs on the cover of Teen Vogue. 

Stickers Book

Think stickers are just for toddlers? Think again. Any girl between the age of 13 and 18 will love this sticker book from, featuring 35 pages and over 700 stickers that are perfect for covering bullet journals and homework agendas. The designs are totally teenager-appropriate, from peace fingers to hearts and doughnuts. This sticker book is a great gift for teen girls and also one of the best tween girl gifts too. 

Best for: Customising anything and everything.

Wondruz Makeup Mirror

Let your teen channel her inner starlet with this Wondruz Makeup Mirror that lights up just like backstage dressing rooms. With 21 LED lights, it provides ample brightness for perfect makeup application and feels suitably silver-screen. This Wondruz mirror has to be one of the best teen girl gifts. If there’s an adolescent girl out there who doesn’t like pretending to be a movie star, we haven’t met her yet. 

Best for: Feeling like a Hollywood A-lister.

Customisable Letter Board

This letter board from Felt Like Sharing must have been designed by a teenage girl, it’s that perfect. Available with a range of background colors, the board comes with 300 character pieces so she can spell out whatever message she chooses. Teens aren’t always great at expressing what they want so this customizable letter board is a great way for them to say what they really mean.  

Best for: The coolest kind of self-expression. 

Rodin Lip & Cheek Oil

Looking for a gift for the self-certified beauty junkie in your family? Check out this Rodin Lip & Cheek Oil. The oil contains a sheer formula that adds weight-free color to lips and cheeks, creating the perfect pout and dreamy blush. Plant-based antioxidants and essential fatty acids also hydrate skin for added radiance. With a range of colors for different skin tones, you can’t go wrong with this teen girl gift—especially if paired with a great eyeshadow palette

Best for: That perfect fresh-faced glow. 

French Girl Sea Polish

On the hunt for unique gifts for a teen girl? It doesn’t get more unusual than a product called Sea Polish. This skincare treatment from luxury brand French Girl Organics exfoliates the skin using a blend of Himalayan Salt and Sugar while shea, mango, and cocoa butter add hydration. This French Girl Sea Polish is the gift she didn’t know she needed and one of the best value luxury gifts. 

Best for: Bringing worn-out skin back to the world of the living.

Jewellery Organiser

There’s one thing teen girls aren’t short of and that’s jewelry so why not treat her to this stylish jewelry organizer by Umbra? With three tiers for holding earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, plus a dish for rings, broaches, and other accessories, this jewelry organizer is the ideal way for her to organize her bling and also works as a cool bedroom ornament.  

Best for: Displaying her finery in the most fabulous way possible. 

PopSocket PopGrip

The perfect gift for a tech-savvy teen? This PopSocket PopGrip fixes on the back of a phone, offering a highly secure grip. With the PopGrip Tidepool, she can text and snap photos with just one hand while the translucent top is filled with shimmering sparkles and bubbles that swirl around as she moves the phone. Delightful. 

Best for: Averting disaster with the most stylish phone grip solution. 

Daily Planner

Looking for a sneaky way to encourage your teenager to do her homework? This Daily Planner from is so gorgeous she’ll actually want to stay organized, taking pleasure in filling in the schedules, to-do lists, and shopping lists. Especially the shopping lists. This Daily Planner is the best present to boost productivity and keep it fun in the process.  

Best for: Showing that being organized can actually be cool.

R+CO Hair Mask

Any teen girl who enjoys researching the beauty tips of the stars will appreciate this Television Perfect Hair Mask from R+CO. It’s expertly engineered to revive and restore overworked tresses. If she’s hit the hair straighteners a bit too hard in recent years, this is the perfect hair treatment and will leave her with locks so luscious they could be on prime time TV. 

Best for: A mane made for a starring Netflix role.

Hiware Reusable Straw

It’s cool to care about the planet so your teenage girl will definitely appreciate these reusable straws from HIWARE. Made of stainless steel, they’re dishwasher safe and come in two sizes and shapes for all her sipping needs. With 12 in the pack, she can offer these HIWARE straws to her friends too. 

Best for: Eco-conscious sipping. 

Super Star Bracelet

Gorjana is one of the best designer jewelry brands and this superstar bracelet strikes the perfect balance between youthful and sophisticated, making it a great choice for any teenage girl. It’s dainty, versatile, and would look good paired with any other favorite piece of jewelry. With this on her wrist, she’ll be the envy of all her friends and have you to thank for it.

Best for: Saying ‘you’re a star’ with more than just words.

Chill Pills Bath Bombs

The rollercoaster of adolescence can take its toll so help your teenage girl relax with these bath bombs form OUAI, designed for maximum chill time. They’re infused with jojoba oil, safflower oil, and hemp seed oil for a calming and soothing effect. The smell of jasmine and rose completes the mood. One of the best teenage girl gift ideas and—because bubbles don’t have an age limit—one of the best tween girl gifts too. 

Best for: Redefining the phrase take a chill pill.

Gifts for teenage girls under $100

Cuyana Crossbody bag

With its functional cross-body design, this Cuyana bag is practical, beautiful, and the ideal gift for any fashion-conscious teen. It’s slim and stylish but has room for all the essentials with an inner pocket for your phone. The Travel Case Crossbody is available in a range of colors and is made from Argentinian leather, giving your girl a taste for life’s finest things early on.  

Best for: A fabulously fashionable carry for any on-the-go teen.

Realwell Neon Sign

Your teen may be too young to actually go to a bar but she can recreate the trendy cocktail joint aesthetic in her bedroom with this neon sign from Realwell. In a hot shade of pink and with the ultimate teen slogan—Good Vibes Only—this Realwell Neon Sign is definitely one of the most unique gifts for teenage girls out there.

Best for: Creating majorly good vibes between you and your teen.

Cuyana AirPod Case

Every teen girl needs a pair of AirPods and, as a result, every teen girl needs a Cuyana AirPod Case. How else is she going to keep them safe? This stylish pouch shows that practical accessories need not be plain. This Cuyana case is made of Italian leather with a strap to attach to a bag handle. You can also get it monogrammed.

Best for: A cool and convenient way to transport her AirPods.

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

You may not have heard of the term VSCO girl but your teen definitely has. This Fjallraven Kanken rucksack is a prerequisite for the VSCO girl starter pack so it’s safe to say that if she receives this rucksack for Christmas, you’re going to be incredibly popular. Not convinced? This Fjallraven Kanken rucksack is also water and dirt resistant, has a rain flap for protection, and ergonomic shoulders for comfy carrying.

Best for: A trending rucksack and a teen girl must-have.

UGG Oh Yeah Slippers

We can’t imagine a better slipper for anyone who belongs to Gen Z than the unique UGG Oh Yeah, as worn by Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid. We didn’t know slippers could have street cred until we saw these. They’re exceptionally comfy with their super soft fur while the sandal-style design is quirky but oh-so-cool. And the range of colors means you can definitely find the dream Oh Yeah slipper for her. 

Best for: Walking on pastel-colored clouds in a pair of celeb-approved slippers. 

Summersalt Pajama Set

Being a teenager is synonymous with lie-ins and spending an ungodly amount of time in your pajamas. So at least make them nice pajamas. This pajama set by Summersalt is made from a lightweight and butter-soft material in laidback and feminine colors like mint and pink. They’re perfect for staying cool but cozy and one of the best gifts for girls of all ages. 

Best for: Pajamas with snuggling and snoozing superpowers. 

Stud Earrings

Buying earrings for a teen girl can be tricky given how fast trends change. These Cuyana stud earrings sidestep the problem with their timeless design that will never not be cool. Made of 14K plated gold, they’re simple but sophisticated. If you’re looking for a gift that definitely won’t be met with an eye roll, these Cuyana earrings are a must-buy.

Best for: Enduring style that she can wear today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

JBL Portable Speaker

Allow your teenage girl to enjoy tunes on the go with this JBL speaker. The JBL Flip 5 gives the ability to take her fave beats with her wherever she goes, with 12 hours of playtime and the possibility of pairing with other speakers via the party boost function. It’s even waterproof. Hard to think of a more obvious choice when it comes to gifts for teens. 

Best for: Parties in the park or down at the beach. 

Teen girl gift ideas when money is no object

Nordgreen Philosopher Watch

Help her stay on trend and on time with this gorgeous watch by Nordgreen. This premium watch brand focuses on minimalist design that makes an impact.

The Nordgreen Philosopher is available in a range of colors and materials, but we think this version in rose gold with a brushed mesh bracelet the best option for young women.

Philosopher Watch

LARQ Water Bottle

Every VSCO girl needs a reusable water bottle and this LARQ bottle also gives you major eco points in helping in the battle against plastic waste. It also actively self-cleans and purifies water using UV-C Led lights. Plus, with its sleek contemporary aesthetic, this LARQ water bottle is very much on point. 

Check our review of the LARQ water bottles to learn more about the brand.

Best for: Taking hydration to the next level of awesome.

Alo High Waist Leggings

How many pairs of leggings does a teenage girl need? Another pair, please. Her legging collection isn’t complete without a pair of these celebrity-approved Alo Yoga High Waist Airbrush leggings. Ultra flattering, they sculpt, lift, and smooth. Even if she’s never been on a yoga mat in her life, these Alo leggings are perfect for casual weekend wear.

Best for: Bringing a mega dose of Hollywood fashion to fitness.

Koio Aerobic Sneaker

She’s got the scrunchies, the mom jeans, and the fanny pack. Now she needs these ‘90s-inspired Koio Aerobics Pearl sneakers to complete the retro look. They’re the perfect casual footwear to team with jeans and a boyfriend t-shirt and feature a bouncy sole, smooth and durable leather, and reflective strips and velcro straps for a cool and sporty aesthetic. 

Best for: Emulating that epic 90s style.

Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Wearing headphones 24/7 is pretty much mandatory when you’re a teenager and these Wireless On-Ear Headphones are some of the best in the audio business, featuring active noise-canceling technology for a superior acoustic experience. You may not agree with your teen’s music choices but you can agree with her choice of listening device with these Wireless Headphones

Best for: An ultra-indulgent audio solution. 

Lounge Set

Teenagers are great at lounging but the one thing they’re missing when they kick back and relax? This lounge set from Parachute. Made from lightweight, cozy, and super soft mini waffle cotton, this crew neck pullover and joggers are the perfect Netflix uniform and will go down a treat with any teen who takes movie marathons seriously. 

Best for: Comfy lounge attire appropriate for any Netflix binge.

Apple AirPods Pro

The younger generation can’t get enough of AirPods, making them a fail-safe present for anyone under 18. Remember how much you loved music at that age? Now imagine that you had reliable, high-quality, and attractive wireless headphones like AirPods to listen to all your favorite bands. Give your kid the gift you never got with a pair of Apple’s AirPods Pro

Best for: Teen girls who will settle for nothing but the best.

Oliver Cabell Sneakers

White sneakers are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe so make sure your teen girl gets the best out there with these Oliver Cabell Low 1s. Made from high-quality Italian calfskin leather and with a classic silhouette, they’re versatile and last ages. Surprises can be risky but with these Oliver Cabell Sneakers, you’re on to a winner. Check out our full Oliver Cabell Low 1 review for more details. 

Best for: Mandatory footwear in any female adolescent wardrobe. 

Vincero Ava Watch

Struggling with a teenage girl who doesn’t know how to be on time? We’ve found the perfect gift. The Ava watch from Vincero is the ideal timepiece for any young lady with its trendy rectangular face, slim design, and elegant leather strap. It’s available in a range of colors and is so nice to look at, she’ll find it impossible not to keep an eye on the time.

Best for: The only way to get your teen to stop running late. 

Scented Candle

Even the loveliest teen girl gets moody from time to time. The best way to banish a bad mood? With a gorgeous scented candle like this one from Aesop. It’s named Aganice Aromatique after an Ancient Greek astronomer known for her knowledge of the moon phases. The fragrance is grown-up but not overpowering, perfect for any young woman at the threshold of adult life, and one of the best gifts for girls. And if you need more inspiration, we have an entire post dedicated to reviewing the best scented candles on the market this year.

Best for: Taking your teen on an aromatherapy adventure.

Capsul Custom Necklace

All teenage girls like to express themselves and what better way to do it than with a customizable necklace like this one from Capsul? Get her name crafted as a pendant—or another word that you know will resonate. With a choice of sterling silver, 14k gold, or brass, this Capsul necklace is the perfect piece of everyday jewelry and will become one of her most treasured trinkets.  

Best for: Saying it all with the prettiest of personalized necklaces. 

Paradised Hoodie

Nothing captures youthful romance and teen spirit quite like this hoodie from New York brand Paradised. It’s relaxed, effortlessly cool, and the color reminds us of sunkissed hair. Embroidered with the phrase come find me, it’s got that wistful wanderlust vibe that you find all teen girl Instagram pages. This Paradised hoodie is sure to go down a treat. 

Best for: Looking laidback and lovely in this casual and cool hoodie.  

Frequently asked questions about teen girl gifts

What is a good gift for a teenage girl?

Good gifts for teenage girls include things like skincare products, fairy lights, headphones, backpacks, and pajamas. For a practical present, a portable charger is a great idea. For a luxury treat, a pair of Levi’s jeans will always be a win. For more inspiration, check out our list of the best gift ideas for teenage girls.

What should a teenage girl get for her birthday?

For a teenage girl’s birthday, some of the best present ideas include a reusable water bottle, a pair of slippers, or a watch. Jewelry and candles are sure to be popular. Or, for something practical, a portable charger is a good choice. 

What do you put in a teenage girl gift basket?

In a teenage girl gift basket, we recommend you put little treats such as lip balms, face masks, and hair barrettes or scrunchies. Bath bombs and nail polish could also make great presents. And why not get her a scented candle or a pair of leggings as well?

What is a good gift for a teenage girl?

Good gifts for teenage girls include cosmetic-related products such as lip balm, makeup mirrors, and nail polish, as well as jewelry, especially customizable pieces. Teenage girls are very tech-savvy and love their mobile phones so a portable charger or PopSocket are also great gift ideas.  

What do you get a teenage girl who has everything?

Some teenage girls seem to have everything but one gift that they definitely won’t already own is a Rose Quartz Facial Roller. This unique gift is designed to improve the appearance of skin and has to be one of the most original teen girl gift ideas. Another one of the best teenage girl gift ideas is a customizable necklace, offering the perfect personal touch. 


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