Croma Sale | Exciting deals for Everyone! Otesanya David April 2, 2022

Croma Sale | Exciting deals for Everyone!

Croma Sale | Exciting deals for Everyone!


Buying the cheapest electronics is your right, and Croma understands it well. It brings the Croma sale to save on the thing you love the most, i.e., shopping. You can have the best products from the top brands with this site. Get awesome discounts and enjoy your right to save. Be it a TV, a washing machine, or an AC; you can have it all from this Croma Sale 2022.

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Croma Sale Highlights

Croma will have your back no matter what electronic appliance you need. All you have to do is visit the site once and check out the offers. The upcoming Croma sale offers up to a 50% discount on almost every type of electronic gadget. Name it, and Croma has it on discounts; because Shopping Right “is your Right.”

Ongoing, Upcoming Croma Sale Dates

Hurry up! The Croma sale is live and will give you mind-blowing discounts on a wide range of electronics. With sales going on simultaneously, the website will be flooded with offers and deals. Check it out to avail of the offers at the right time. Croma Upcoming Sale Expected Dates Links
1. Croma Awesome Summer 19th March to 4th April(Live Now) Click Here
2. Croma Get Game Ready Sale 27th March to 9th April (Live Now) Click Here
3. Croma Gaming Sale 30th March  to 12th April (Live Now) Click Here
4. Croma Smartphone Fest  2nd to 6th April (Live Now) Click Here
5. Croma Income-ing 2nd to 8th April (Live Now) Click Here
6. The Croma Winter Store 6th to 9th February Click Here
7. Croma Awesome 24/7 Sale 1st to 8th March Click Here
8. Croma Live 24/7 Sale 13th to 20th March Click Here
9. Croma Accessories Fest 17th to 23rd March Click Here
10. Croma Kitchen Carnival 18th to 26th March Click Here
11. Croma Gadgetverse 20th to 27th March Click Here
12. Croma Travel Essentials 24th to 29th March Click Here

Croma Ongoing Sale Deals, Offers, Discounts, and More…

Celebrate shopping in a way that your pocket also loves. Grab the best of deals on electronics on this site. With lofty discounts, the Croma sale has offers worth checking out. Missing out on them will be a loss on your part, and I don’t think you want to have a loss in the first quarter of the year itself.

1. Croma Awesome Summer

Croma offers
IMG Source: Croma | Croma Awesome Summer

Getting your summer appliances can be easy and inexpensive with Croma. Buy the appliance you need this summer with the upcoming Croma sale, and have a fantastic summer. You can save up to ₹ 25,000 on selected products during this summer sale.

  • Offers on ACs
  • Discounts on Refrigerators
  • Deals on Fans
  • Save up to 50% on Coolers

Direct Link: Croma awesome summer sale | Get summer ready

2. Croma Get Game Ready Sale

Croma upcoming sale
IMG Source: Croma | Croma Gaming Sale

Get ready to watch games in the comfort of your living room on a big screen. With Croma, it is possible. The site is here to offer you discounts on TVs, ACs, and related gadgets that you need in your living room to make your watch a better one. Check out the offers and grab them soon.

  • Up to 50% off on Large Screen TVs
  • Save up to 65% on Home Theatres and Soundbars
  • Offers on OLED & QLED TVs
  • Discounts on ACs

Direct Link: Croma Get Game Ready Sale | Get Ready for Games

3. Croma Play Awesome 24/7

Croma Offers
IMG Source: Croma | Croma Play Awesome 24/7

Do not let the gamer in you die due to a lack of accessories. Check out the Croma Gaming Sale and get the latest and the most upgraded gaming accessories now. You can get awesome deals on gaming gadgets during this Croma sale.

  • Gaming mouse and keyboards at discounts
  • Offers on Gaming laptops
  • Headphones at discounts

Direct Link: Croma Play Awesome 24/7 | Be a Gaming Pro

4. Croma Smartphone Fest

Croma Offers
IMG Source: Croma | Croma Smartphone Fest

Keeping yourself updated with the latest smartphone is a big task, and if you want a flagship phone, the price is very high. This sale from Croma has your solution. It has brought the best deals on flagship phones so that you don’t have to worry about your expense. Check out the offers and grab your phone now!

  • iPhone 13 at ₹ 68,990
  • Best deals on Samsung phones
  • Up to 73% off on smartwatches
  • Offers on related accessories

Direct Link: Croma Play Smartphone Fest | Update to the latest smartphone

5. Croma Income-ing

Croma Upcoming Sale
IMG Source: Croma | Croma Income-ing

Use your pay to buy electronics from Croma, and you can save tons from it. Croma offers the best products at the least prices. Visit the store, and you can enjoy the offers from the site. Croma will not dishearten you. “Turn you Payday into Playday” with Croma

  • Best of kitchen appliances
  • Offers on Washing Machines
  • Discounts on gadgets
  • Save up to 40% on Coolers and TVs

Direct Link: Croma Income-ing | Save on your Payday

Croma Upcoming Sale Deals, Discounts, Offers, and More…

1. The Croma Winter Store

Croma Sale
IMG Source: Croma | The Croma Winter Store

With up to 50% off on Winter Essential Appliances, the Croma Winter store 2022 is what you have been looking for. Buy all your winter electronic needs before the season ends and save tons on them. This sale has hot offers for the chill days. Check them out here.

2. Croma Awesome 24/7 Value Deals

Croma values its customers and their money. It will be more evident to you if you have a look at the offers in the Croma Awesome 24/7 Value Deals. This Croma sale proves that all online products are not expensive; you just need to find the right site. Check out the various products at discounts in this sale and use the extra savings for buying one more product.

Offers on Home Appliances

IMG Source: Croma | Deals on Home Appliances

With unbelievable deals on every type of Home appliance, Croma gets you blockbuster savings. This Croma upcoming sale will be your savior if you haven’t bought any appliances lately. You can tick them off your buying list with this Croma sale 2022. You can get up to 60% off on all Home Appliances.

  • Offers on Big Kitchen Appliances.
  • Deals on Cooling Appliances.
  • Grooming needs at discounts.
  • Discounts on Water Purifiers.

Deals on Kitchen Appliances

IMG Source: Croma | Deals on Kitchen Appliances

The Croma Sale also has special deals for your Kitchen. Add items to your kitchen shelf and save up to 60% during this sale. This sale will cater to all your appliance needs with the best price for each of them.  From Grinders to stoves and chimneys, this sale has the best of deals for each of them. Check out the offers on Kitchen Appliances.

  • Up to 35% off on Mixer Grinders
  • Discounts on Stoves
  • Offers on Chimneys

Save up to 85% on Audio Devices

IMG Source: Croma | Deals on Audio Devices

Plug into your headphones and enjoy music as nothing else matters. You can get up to 85% off on brands including JBL, SkullCandy, and Phillips. This Croma sale also has offers on Bluetooth speakers and earbuds. Check out the Audio Deals now!

  • Offers on Wired Earphones
  • Discounts on Bluetooth Earphones
  • Deals on Earbuds

Other Offers During the sale

  • 10% cashback on American Express, HSBC, YES, AU Small Finance credit and debit cards
  • No Cost EMI up to 12 months on selected products

3. Live Awesome 24/7 Sale

Croma Live Awesome 24/7 Sale: exciting offers on apple products
Live Awesome 24/7 Sale

This sale is for all those who love apple products or planning to buy one. Croma is giving exciting discounts on all the apple products and also giving offers you cannot resist. if you are planning to buy any of the Apple products then check out this sale. below you can check some offers and also bank offers

  • iPhone 12 starts at 51,990
  • iPhone 11 starts at 42,990
  • MacBook Air @77,900
  • Apple watch series 7 @36,900

Bank Offers

  • You can get additional Cashback on ICICI Bank, Kotak bank credit/debit card, and SBI Card

Direct Link: Live awesome 24/7 sale

4. Croma Accessories Fest

Croma Sale
IMG Source: Croma | Croma Accessories Sale

Croma offers accessories at discounts that make you fall in love with the site. This upcoming croma sale provides up to 80% off on the best-selling accessories. You can save tons if you check out this croma sale at the right time. Here are the offers you want:

  • Charging cables starting at ₹ 99
  • Laptop bags from ₹ 349
  • Power banks from ₹ 549
  • Mouse & Keyboards starting from ₹ 249

Direct Link: Croma accessories sale | Level up with exciting new accessories

5. Croma Kitchen Carnival

IMG Source: Croma | Croma Kitchen Carnival

Upgrade your kitchen with the best and the most needed accessories without paying much. This Croma sale will have your back. You can get jaw-dropping deals on a wide range of kitchen appliances. Use the sale to shop right and save your money.

  • Offers on Mixer grinders
  • Deals on Water Purifiers
  • Discounts of up to 60% on Toasters
  • Best selling juicers & blenders up for grabs

Direct Link: Croma Kitchen Carnival | Deals for your Kitchen

6. Croma Gadgetverse

Croma upcoming sale
IMG Source: Croma | Croma Gadgetverse Sale

With up to 70% off on a selected range of appliances, the site is all set to make your shopping more special. Spread the colours of love along with shopping. You can also get special offers on the use of cards while making payments.

  • Offers on Accessories
  • Discounts on Cameras
  • Save on Health and Fitness products
  • Instant Discounts on selected Bank cards

Direct Link: Croma Gadgetverse | Upgrade to the latest gadget

7. Croma Travel Essentials

Croma Upcoming Sale
Image Source: Croma | Croma Travel Essentials Sale

Get travel-ready with all the goodies and luggage you want. With this Croma upcoming sale, you can get earbuds, chargers, travel bags, and other travel-related goods at discounts. See the list of offers below:

  • Offers on Chargers
  • Save up to 70% on Suitcases
  • Discount of 75% on Travel bags

Direct Link: Croma Travel Essentials | Travel without worry


Q1. What type of products are found in the Croma store?

Ans. The Croma store has electronics of all types, ranging from TVs to ACs to mobiles. You can have it all on the website.

Q3. What are the bank offers available during the sale?

Ans. The sale will have a 10% discount on the use of American Express, HSBC, YES, AU Small Finance credit, and debit cards. You can also check other bank offers by clicking here.

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