‘College of voters ‘re not paid’ – The Sun Nigeria Otesanya David March 24, 2022

‘College of voters ‘re not paid’ – The Sun Nigeria

‘College of voters ‘re not paid’ – The Sun Nigeria


The annual award ceremony of the Nigeria Pitch Awards is here again and as usual, excitement, anxiety and expectations among nominees, their supporters and football fans are mounting.

The award ceremony is billed to kick-off two hours after the second leg clash between age-old rivals, Nigeria and Ghana for a slot at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar later in the year. The excitement is palpable and the wait appears endless.

As preparations continue, organisers have restated their commitment to the ideals of transparency, credibility and integrity as the Nigeria Pitch Awards continues on its historic stride as the country’s longest running football awards.

Shina Philips, the President of the awards explains that there is a tripartite arrangement, which ensures that no single group has full control of the award process. ‘The award process’, he said, ‘involves three categories. First, we have the College of Voters comprising about 200 experienced and professional sport editors, analysts, columnists, correspondents and reporters who make the award decisions independently.’

Speaking further, Philips noted that no voter is paid or influenced in any way and by any means to make award decisions. ‘The College of Judges are not paid. These voters are professional men and women who put their integrity on the line by making incontrovertible decisions that can stand the test of time. The decisions are without doubt based on very well thought analyses and premises. This has clearly reflected in the wide acceptance of winners since 2013.’


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