Best of G2 Badges: Customer Roundup 2022 Otesanya David December 22, 2022

Best of G2 Badges: Customer Roundup 2022

Best of G2 Badges: Customer Roundup 2022


Each quarter, G2 awards badges to companies that deliver world-class products and experiences for their customers.

One of the best parts of giving out these badges is seeing G2 customers show them off in unique and fun ways. During our award seasons, it can sometimes feel like this:

G2 Badges Simpsons Meme

We love to see how our customers celebrate their G2 Badges on social media. But with so much creativity out there, it can be hard to keep up! That’s why we put together a list of our favorites for your inspiration.

From memes to plushies to the good old-fashioned newspaper, our customers went all out to showcase their badges. 

We’ll be honest, with so many great examples, we had trouble keeping to a top 10 –so here are the 12 best ways we’ve seen G2 Badges used this year.

Landing pages

Adding your G2 Badges to a landing page is a great way to provide social proof of the efficacy of your product while asking your customers to complete an action.

Take AwardSpring, for example. They not only have their G2 Badge on the page, but a sampling of their reviews and grid placement. This, combined with their demo request, makes a strong case for why a prospective customer should contact them. 

AwardSpring G2 BadgesSource: AwardSpring


Video is a powerful medium. Studies show that viewers remember 95% of a message when they see it in a video, compared to only 10% of a message when reading the same text.

Using your G2 Badge in a video is a great way for you to stay top of mind with your prospects and customers.

Source: Paperflite

Source: Salesloft


Open up any social media app, and you’re bound to be flooded with a variety of memes. Why not use them to show off your badges as well?

Memes are a memorable way to stand out and add a bit of levity to your brand. They’re also highly shareable, so their reach can be even more widespread than just your social channels. 


1648035745056Source: Dreamdata

1670946283756Source: Reachdesk

Source: PostBeyond

Source: Zylo

Newspaper ads

Let’s face it, people still read the newspaper, and advertising there can still be effective.

A benefit of newspaper ads is that most readers are more engaged than on social media, where they can scroll past your post without paying attention to it. This makes it a great channel to prove the credibility of your company. 

office space newspaper adsSource: OfficeSpace

Email signature

What’s one of the first things you do when you sit at your desk to start work (besides drinking your coffee)? If you’re like us, then checking your email inbox is at the top of your list.

Having your G2 Badges in your email signature is a simple way to show the person you’re emailing why they should work or continue to work with you.

Pro tip: it’s also a great way to ask for reviews.

sonar g2 email signatureSource: Sonar


Almost always, when you’re chatting with support, you aren’t doing it for a fun reason. There may be some frustration for a problem that you’re facing, or you need help with an ongoing issue.

Adding your G2 Badges to your chatbot can reiterate your expertise and demonstrate to the person chatting that they are in capable hands.  chatbotSource:


What a great way to not only celebrate your G2 Badges and also boost employee engagement. These plushies can be put around the office to announce your achievements to the company, and as a bonus, you can share pictures of them on social media.

1652171171678Source: Mine

How can I get badges of my own?

Now that you’ve seen the impact that badges can have on your business and brand, you may be asking yourself how to get a badge of your own.

In fact, 92% of consumers won’t make a purchase without a trust badge or logo on a website. 

G2’s “Best Of” lists are available to vendors who receive at least 50 published reviews of their products during any given evaluation period. G2 scores products and vendors based on user reviews, as well as data gathered online and from social networks.

Want to begin collecting reviews, but don’t know where to start? G2 Review Generation gives customers a platform to share their opinions and experiences with your company.


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