5 Big CAPEX Tips To Plan Your Capital Expenditure Digitally Otesanya David March 27, 2022

5 Big CAPEX Tips To Plan Your Capital Expenditure Digitally

5 Big CAPEX Tips To Plan Your Capital Expenditure Digitally


CAPEX is the financial resources held by a corporate entity to purchase, maintain, and improve the collection of assets for the benefit of a company. It might include architecture, vehicles, land, or other physical assets that aim to enhance the company’s profitability and sustain the values and relevancy of your organization in the respective marketplace.

To maintain the authenticity of the cash flow and avoid ambiguity, there has to be a suitable software solution that conventionally enables the request, review, and approval of the process. Here capital expenditure approval software comes into the picture. It streamlines the capital investment and gets the best out of your expenditure, eventually making your expenses justifiable and your company prosperous.

Hence, the procedure of budgeting the resources is elemental for any enterprise to succeed and grow, and CAPEX Management Solutions are the best way out to optimise the area of investment that could make your company agile, healthy, and exponentially growing.

The primary concern of the CAPEX approval solution is to ensure that the asset gained from investment serves your organization for a year resulting in the higher Return of Investment (ROI) or best turn around post investing your resources.

The CAPEX often gets confused with operational expense as they hold a very similar notion. An operational expense is a normal expenditure that the company releases continuously maintaining a functional operation and CAPEX expense is the additional investment that is made to improve the efficiency.

For instance, a xerox machine might be the CAPEX expenditure, but the ink and paper required to get it into use will be the operational expense for the company. A CAPEX approval can refer to company acquisition, research, and development, but operational expenses are only referred to the expenditure that the company issues daily, weekly, and monthly with an almost fixed frequency.

Major Deployment of CAPEX Management Solution

Major Deployment of CAPEX Management Solution

Since a CAPEX management solution streamlines the budget and spending of the company, there are a few crucial aspects that have to be taken into consideration.

Few vital drafting of CAPEX approval system is:

1. Bifurcating Expenditure Budgets

The CAPEX expenses should never be merged with the other expenditures of the company. Thus, to separate the base of CAPEX investment is the first facilitation of any CAPEX approval software.

It makes the company’s investment accurate, calculable, and simple, which further enables the companies to look onto their tax release separately.

2. Departmental Input

The majority of the investment request comes from the departmental head of the companies who are commissioned to run the small operation of the company on a daily basis. They always stay aware of the required investment, additional assets required, and replacement needed.

This scratch to horizon assessment lets the company determine whether the investment is going in the correct direction or not. Is the investment feasible, or are they capable of long-term growth or not?

Every prospect can only be analysed and drafted when a separate departmental input from the organization will come into the picture. More is the departmental request visible; better will be the investing transparency of the company.

3. Determining the Budget Limit

Drafting the minimum and maximum expenditure on CAPEX expenses is necessary for the CAPEX management system. Be it for acquisition, growth, asset purchase, or pertaining to another physical resource, you need to plan your budget that gives a clear picture of the investment ratio to the Return of Investment from the money invested.

Several cases have been when the requested investment is not so high, but the revenue generation tends to be less. This eventually makes the hierarchy and authorized body deny or disapprove the release of the budget.

4. Measuring the Return of Investment

As discussed above, calculating the Return of Investment is vital for complete optimization and streamlining of budget. If a department requests a certain investment, the management has to review the productivity and possible return from it. Thereafter the request can be approved, and the asset can be procured.

Hence, capital expenditure approval software is always developed in such a way that there is complete transparency in evaluating the return of investment and sustainability of the profit deployed after purchasing the asset.

Three Pillars of CAPEX Management System 

Three Pillars of CAPEX Management System

The three fundamental pillars of the CAPEX approval system are:

1. Request budget

This process begins when a certain department from the company identifies the budget requirement to functionalize the system. They make a report of the asset along with the criticality of its need and the possible Return of Investment.

On top of that, the departmental head also analyses the asset’s usage, benefits, and estimated life. Further, the details are passed to the management, who reviews the authenticity of the request before approving the finance or disapproving it.

2. Approval

This is the major concern of the management hierarchy. After the request is made to the concerned body, they need to evaluate the essentiality of the asset, Return of Investment, and durability of the acquisition. More is the long-term possible profit deployment; more will be the chances of the request to get approved.

The leadership team must analyse the company’s growth and operational functionality that the requested asset will bring. After a complete evaluation, CAPEX approval software enables the pass of agreement, approving the purchase of assets and release of funds from the capital budget.

3. Procurement

This body gets the buy order from the supervisory team and sends it to the attainable merchant to make it accessible at the earliest.

When the asset is purchased, and the receipt is endorsed, the monetary group will deliver the instalments and accurate entries to the diary. It generally guarantees consistency, straightforwardness, and command over the monetary space, raising the genuine image of a monetarily achieved association.

It is one of the elemental pillars of the CAPEX approval system that finally gets the work done by bringing the asset to the company and making it in use.

Tips to Manage your CAPEX Expenditure

Tips to Manage your CAPEX Expenditure

1. Make a firm CAPEX budget

There might be a major disruption across the Accounts section if the CAPEX project runs out of your budget plan. Consequently, it is vital to design the budget accordingly.

Bifurcate a separate budget for an upgrade, acquisitions, purchase, and maintenance. This will structure your capital budget and make the investment calculable and justifiable.

2. Separate the CAPEX budget and annual budget

For better productivity and investment, companies and enterprises’ foremost responsibility is to put apart the CAPEX expenditure and annual expenditure. One has to bifurcate these two-budget segments for the positive implication of the investment. A capital expenditure approval process always ensures such a trait in any software solution that the company adopts to manage the capital expenditure.

With detailed scrutiny of each expense, an enterprise can evaluate the sharp Return on Investment, enhancing the company’s productiveness.

3. Don’t confuse CAPEX with operational expenses

The CAPEX expense should never collide with operational expenses. To get a clear picture of the profitability, the company’s account section must draw a clear line between the CAPEX and operational expenditure. More is the transparent data of these two infrastructures; better will be the possibility for the company to formulate an outstanding investment plan.

Today CAPEX management solutions are widely reckoning on this attribute for maintaining the company’s budget within the determined margin.

4. Keep the numbers intact

While forecasting the capital expenditure budget, there should be no room for guesswork, prediction, or speculation. From the departmental head to the authorised body, everyone should stay aware of the drafted numbers of the CAPEX approval system. The numbers of the CAPEX budget should be crisp and clear.

Thus, the capital expenditure approval software solution needs to plan and finalize the numbers for purchasing assets and acquiring property across the system.

5. Keep a visible approval process

The CAPEX approval system comprises multiple approval procedures from many departments. When you are reviewing a certain request, it must be made sure that the approval remains completely transparent and visible. To set a standard bar for approval threshold is imperative to optimise the complete process.

Thus, the most important prospect is to ensure that the CAPEX approval system is based on certain criteria and pre-defined limits. The CAPEX management solutions provider must separate the acquisition and purchase margin to keep the approval process visible and authentic.

CAPEX Software: One-Stop Solution to Streamline Company’s Budget

No industry across the globe tends to stay constant. Be it manufacturing, retail, education, hospitality, tourism, healthcare, or pharmaceutical, one has to analyse the affordable expenses and margin the budget accordingly. Thus, CAPEX approval software solution is vital for optimizing the investment of every operational backdrop around the world.

To put a feasible budget on asset acquisition and make sure that it comes up with a productive return, the CAPEX solution must intrude itself in the frame. Gone are those days when any business counted on the manual method of requesting an investment plan.

The global business base has become digital, and so should the investment program of any company be!

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