30 Best Swimsuit Brands To Make A Splash (2022) Otesanya David March 27, 2022

30 Best Swimsuit Brands To Make A Splash (2022)

30 Best Swimsuit Brands To Make A Splash (2022)


As summer rapidly approaches, every woman must decide. Will she frantically attempt to redesign her frame? Or will she exude confidence as she is? They say that there’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. And while this may be the mantra for many, it’s certainly easier said than done—especially when it comes to getting into swimwear. But perhaps, we’ve got it all wrong. Perhaps the only boost you really need is a sumptuous swimsuit to sculpt your silhouette.

Ok, it’s a little more complicated than that. Confidence is not a linear concept. It’s exquisitely complex and unique to the individual. Some radiate confidence in cheeky cut-outs, bold prints, and show-stopping beachwear. While others are boosted by flattering fabrics, complementary colors, and concealing compressions. Either way, the choice is yours. And this range of luxury swimsuit brands gives you the space to make it. 

Whether you enter with a splash in electrifying hues. Or opt for a chic sleek one-piece. We know you’ll look fantastic in one of these boujee beachwear brands. And if flattering designer bathing suits excuse us from starvation and countless crutches—we’re not looking back (and neither will you.) Once you find the bathing suit to fit your figure, you’ll be itching to head to the coast. So pack your travel bags, fetch your sun hat and your shades. And let’s go.

The 30 best swimsuit brands

Andie Swim

best swimsuit brand andie swim review - Luxe Digital

These timeless women’s swimsuits transcend seasonal trends with high-quality fabrics and versatile designs. We think the well-made, well-cut bathing suits are the perfect excuse to book your next vacation. 

Meditate in Mykonos in a flirtatious low cut fashion. Or take a slow-motion jog in Tulum in an iconic Baywatch cut. Enjoy an Aperol on the Amalfi coast in a sexy scoop neck. And button up to tackle the Californian tide in a versatile Malibu cut. This swimwear brand has a getup for every getaway. 

Now, all that’s left to do is book it.

Style: timeless trends
Size range: XS-XXXL
Price: $


best swimsuit brand summersalt review - Luxe Digital

Summersault into Summer with a smile.

The Missouri brand has taken over 1.5 million measurements. And as a result, they’ve produced swimsuits to fit every shape. From strapless bathing suits to bright colors and bold prints—they do it all. And while one-pieces start at $95, the separates start at $45. 

With tucks, ties, frills, and compressions in all the right places—there’s a Summersalt swimsuit just dying to boost your ego. 

Style: body boldness
Size range: XS-XXL
Price: $


best swimsuit brand eberjey review - Luxe Digital

Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to soft hues. 

This Miami-based brand takes a gentle approach to edge you into Summer. The neutral palette, smooth textures, and frilly details give way to a suave sophistication. And while one-pieces start at $159, you can get separates for $72 and a cute cover-up for $108.

These minimalist swimsuit designs fuse the chic confidence, embodied in the brand’s lingerie line, with the comfort found in their sweet-dreams, stretchy sleepwear. And whilst whispering tones of relaxed refinement, they’re made to frolic in the waves in style. 

Style: chic minimalism
Size range: XS-L
Price: $$

Hunza G

best swimsuit brand hunza g review - Luxe Digital

From one Pretty Woman to another. 

This British brand is famous for Julia Roberts’ iconic cut-out dress. And we think their women’s bathing suits will have the same effect. As one of our favorite swimwear brands, their line maintains the brand’s ‘90s style with bold colors and retro designs. And you can slip into a textured one-piece for $175 or a two-piece set for $180. 

If you’ve always wanted a smile like Julia Roberts, this could be the way to get it.

Style: ‘90s Hollywood
Size range: XS-L
Price: $$

Solid & Striped

best swimsuit brand solid and striped review - Luxe Digital

There’s a playful print to fit every personality. 

From black and white tigers to fuschia pink gingham checks—they’re full of charisma (just like you.) Every design is infused with unique personality and made to express the wearer authentically. And separates go for $108, one-pieces for $208, and complementary cover-ups will take you to the clubhouse for $167.

It’s time to get your groove on in your Solid & Striped swimsuit.

Style: playful maturity 
Size range: XS-L
Price: $$$


best swimsuit brand asos review - Luxe Digital

You can afford to pack a new bikini for every day of your vacation. 

The affordable brand is perfect for the fashionistas who need a new swimsuit every time they hop on a plane (no judgment here.) You can get a bikini top for as little as $4 or slip into a one-piece for $7. Either way, it’s a steal.

This value brand is your new best kept secret (we won’t tell.)

Style: funky favorites
Size range: XXS-XXXL
Price: $

Jade Swim

best swimsuit brand jade swim review - Luxe Digital

They take the pain out of packing. These women’s bathing suits go with everything.

This minimalist brand understands versatility and quality. And every piece is flawlessly cut with seamless stitching. The contemporary designs are fuss-free and straight-cut. And while monotone brights pack a punch, natural tones are used to add subtle sophistication. And one-pieces start at $198, while separates go for $80. 

Your Jade swimsuit is the only piece you need to compliment every getaway ensemble.

Style: Voguish versatility
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$


best swimwear marysia luxury swimsuits luxe digital

Sharp lines meet feminine frills in these scalloped swimsuits. 

Founded by the Polish ballerina and surfer, the lifestyle brand adds a feminine touch to contemporary designs with their signature scallop edge. These pieces are perfect for the modern minimalist. One-pieces start at $336 and separates start at $145. 

These high-end swimsuits juxtapose surfer style with ballerina beauty to create that naughty-but-nice contrast we love.

Style: elegantly active
Size range: XXS-XXL
Price: $$$

Vitamin A Swim

best swimsuit brand vitamin a swim review - Luxe Digital

Add a dose of Vitamin A to your vitamin D and C. And you’ll look good all Summer long.

These flawless cuts (along with a bit of sun and sea) are the effortless way to feel fit and fab this season. Their chic color range can be found in almost any cut. Separates start at $105, one-pieces at $165, and luxury cover-ups at $78.

This luxury brand does timeless silhouettes in a variety of flattering styles to fit every figure.

Style: understated classics
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$


best swimsuit brand matteau review - Luxe Digital

Claim back your confidence with subtle sophistication.

Founded by two sisters, the high-end brand is all about confidence and class on the coast. While their sleek black women’s bikini screams sexy sophistication, a soft-floral print will infuse that feminine edge. And while separates start at $135, a nineties one-piece is yours for $300.

We love a confident clean cut. And Australia’s best bathing suit brand does just that. 

Style: Clean-cut class
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$$


best swimsuit brand eres review - Luxe Digital

Every woman needs a LBS (little black swimsuit.)

This sophisticated swimwear line knows how to embellish a minimalist design in typical Parisian fashion. The French brand is renowned for its peau douce fabric used for their swimsuits as well as their loungewear. This miraculous material hides perceived imperfections and holds its shape after a dip. Separates go for $150, while one-pieces start at $360. 

These elegant swimsuits belong in the South of France with a big hat and shades.

Style: French magnifique
Size range: XS-XXL
Price: $$$

Frankies Bikinis

best swimsuit brand frankies bikinis review - Luxe Digital

Get that va va voom in one of these vintage numbers.

The ‘60s style is back. And you don’t need to be living out a combi to enjoy the retro designs. This vibrant brand has pulled out all the stops—from tie dye, to halter necks and bright floral prints. Separates are priced from $70 and an iconic monokini is $314.

These multicolored bikinis for women are the perfect way to jazz up your Summer wardrobe.

Style: ‘60s caravan 
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$

Norma Kamali

best swimsuit brand norma kamali review - Luxe Digital

We just adore these bold designs and think you will too. 

Our top pick has to be the ‘Jason” convertible. The unique bikini showcases large floral prints in different shades of green. And their other pieces are equally as impressive. In fact, you’ll probably struggle to choose. And separates start at $60, one-pieces at $125 and their wrap coverups will complete your look for $55. 

One thing’s for sure, this swimwear line knows how to make a statement. And so will you in these deluxe designs.

Style: show-stopping designs
Size range: XS-L
Price: $$

Mara Hoffman

best swimsuit brand mara hoffman review - Luxe Digital

These timeless cuts and avant-garde prints truly are a work of art. 

The New York designer uses recycled fibers to curate sustainable swimwear with an artistic flair. No two pieces look the same and prints vary from bohemian florals to abstract impressions. We recommend pairing a chic bikini (at $140 a piece) or one-piece (at $250) with a sophisticated cotton dress (at $295.) 

These eclectic women’s swimsuits are the perfect pieces to subtly stand out with confidence.

Style: abstract avant-garde
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$

The Attico

best swimsuit brand the attico review - Luxe Digital

From the pool to rooftop cocktails—the posh designs need to be seen. 

The Milan-based brand uses simple tones to make room for bold designs. And while you may not have considered dressing up your swimsuit, the contemporary styles belong at an Italian rooftop bar as much as they do at the side of the pool. From matte to metallic, one-pieces go for $320, separates for $158, and mini-skirt coverups for $203. 

These Attico swimsuits could be on the cover of Vogue but we prefer them in our closet.

Style: rooftop raves
Size range: XXS-XL
Price: $$$

Missoni Mare

best swimsuit brand missoni mare review - Luxe Digital

Make a splash with vibrant hues this season.

Your Summer can’t be dull if you’re strutting this Italian brand around. And their rainbow zigzags and crocheted fabrics will make sure of it. And their women’s bikini sets start at $356, one-pieces at $377, and chic coverups at $570. 

This swimsuit brand combines bright colors with playful patterns to produce a sophisticated style. And we take our (broad-rimmed OTT) hat off to them.

Style: vibrant splash
Size range: XXS-XL
Price: $$$


best swimsuit brand oseree review - Luxe Digital

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And so are sparkly swimsuits. 

The Italian brand’s signature shine is what dreams are made of. From a subtle shimmer to bright metallics and bold sequins—there’s enough fairy dust to last a lifetime. These shimmering fabrics come in cuts for every shape. Your Oseree separates start at $92, one-pieces at $283, and complimentary coverups at $248.

These sparkly numbers are all you need to keep up that dazzling smile.

Style: magic sparkle
Size range: S-L
Price: $$


best swimsuit brand evarae review - Luxe Digital

Nobody manifests body positivity more than a child on the beach. And this brand has the best bathing suits to ignite nostalgic memories with its playful take on color-blocking. 

If these swimsuits encourage child-like confidence—we’ll take five (one for every day of the week.) And from bikini bathing suits to wide straps and cutouts, the options are endless. And one-pieces go for $190, while separates go for $340. 

Even better: Evarae’s entire swimwear collection is made using nylon waste plastic from our oceans and landfills. Chic and conscious. Say less. 

Evarae’s playful details and rich palettes are enough to make us wish we had soft-serve dripping down our chins.

Style: child-like whimsy and earthy elegance
Size range: XXS-XXL
Price: $

Agua by Agua Bendita

best swimsuit brand agua by agua bendita review - Luxe Digital

Columbian designs flaunt tropical prints and retro shapes in these timeless classics. 

These confident yet classical prints belong in every century. From soft colonial florals to iconic, bold palms—the handcrafted pieces achieve a vintage finesse like no other. One-pieces start at $248, bikinis at $140 a piece. And their silk wraps are the quintessential coverup to complete your Colombian collection (for $160).

These old-school swimsuits are the retro edge to your contemporary closet. And with so many gorgeous fabrics, it’s hard not to get carried away (trust us).

Style: Colombian classics
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$


best swimsuit brand haight review - Luxe Digital

Clean lines and block colors call out to the contemporary closets.

Every high-end designer understands that less is often more. And this Rio-based brand knows exactly when to pair it back to give way to unexpected shapes. The natural colorways speak of modern luxury. One-piece prices start from $200, while bikini separates go for $185. And their throw-over dress is the perfect finish to an effortless, coastal ensemble (for $498).

This swimsuit brand knows how to balance monotones with avant-garde design. And we can’t get enough of it.

Style: natural chic
Size range: XS-L
Price: $$

Cover Swim

best swimsuit brand cover swim review - Luxe Digital

Covering up has never looked as tantalizing as this chic women’s swimwear line. 

These recycled fabrics do more than make you look good. They block out the UV rays and regulate the body temperature to keep you cool in the sweltering heat. And a range of products includes t-shaped one-pieces (starting at $175), long-sleeve one-pieces (starting at $190), women’s bikinis (starting at $105 a piece), as well as a range of rash vests, swim shorts, and leggings. 

These Cover Swim bathers are game-changing for young moms wanting to keep an eye on their kids outdoors. Or for the rest of us who are just trying to avoid early onset wrinkles.

Style: practical perfection
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$

Melissa Olbadash

best swimsuit brand melissa olbadash review - Luxe Digital

Make the coastline your runway this season.

The former model knows how to create flattering fits. And these alluring designs will show off all the right angles. You can keep it clean and classy or go wild with embellished animal prints (you know which we’d choose.) And separates start at $105, while one-pieces go for $246. Their knit coverup or kaftan is the quintessential addition to any luxury getaway (starting at $276.)

We’re pretty sure this flattering women’s swimwear line will capture your Summer-loving hearts. 

Style: Go-wild Wednesdays
Size range: XS-XXL
Price: $$

Emilio Pucci

best swimsuit brand emilio pucci review - Luxe Digital

Take a masterclass in renaissance fashion with geometric prints and a Tuscan palette.

Inspired by the spirit of Mediterranean islands, the Italian designer takes luxury finesse one step further with his signature wave, swirl, and kaleidoscope movements. And a large product range includes women’s bikinis (from $330,) one-pieces (from $580), and a variety of cotton coverups (from $390).

These iconic retro designs are all you need to fill a vibrant vintage void this season.

Style: Renaissance-inspired
Size range: XXS-XL
Price: $$$


best swimsuit brand toteme review - Luxe Digital

Spaghetti straps, square necks, and low scoop backs speak to the effortless elegance of the modern woman. 

Pulling off refined minimalism without undercooking the style is no small feat. And this Swedish brand does so without fault. The subtle designs embody an easy-going air of confidence. And one-pieces start at $145, while separates go for $80, and a striped, versatile beach-wrap costs $380.

The Toteme coastal line exudes a resolved poise. And we have no doubt you’ll feel your best in one of their clean-cut pieces.

Style: understated maturity
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$

Bondi Born

best swimsuit brand bondi born review - Luxe Digital

This insouciant, sculpted style is all you need to let down your hair this Summer.

We love that you can pair your one-piece with a matching silk skirt or pants for a fluid silhouette. Their versatile one-pieces are priced from $275 and can be paired with matching silk pants for $290. Separates start at $120.

The multi-functional pieces are an investment into a future of coastal resorts, as they call for relaxed and refined styling.

Style: Sculpted silhouette
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$


best swimsuit brand fisch review - Luxe Digital

From fishing nets to designer bathing suits for women. This brand knows a thing or two about sustainable swimwear. 

Our personal favorite – the Bomba bikini – flaunts a ‘cherry sail’ print in a flattering high-waisted cut. The timeless piece can also be paired with its twin wrap for cohesive coastal styling. And separates start at $110, while one-pieces go for $235 and wraps for $175.

This boutique-style brand values environmentally-conscious quality; not quantity (making it easier for us to choose.) 

Style: Sustainable suave
Size range: XS-L
Price: $$

Cult Gaia

best swimsuit brand cult gaia review - Luxe Digital

These standout showstoppers epitomize cheeky confidence. 

A halterneck cut embellished with large petal cutouts is not for the introverted at heart. It’s impossible for these iconic pieces to go unnoticed and you’ll have a stream of complements heading your way. Separates start at $98, one-pieces at $298, and complimentary coverups are a must-have at $328.

Be prepared. Cult Gaia swimsuits are renowned for gaining traction.

Style: cheeky chic
Size range: XS-XL
Price: $$

Tropic of C

best swimsuit brand tropic of c review - Luxe Digital

Influenced by its South African heritage, this swimwear brand celebrates the female form with confident cuts.

Animal print and mystic green motifs are boldly contrasted in one of our favorite bikinis for women. While others showcase sleek designs and clean colors. And the brand’s classical one-piece is priced at $198, while separates start at $79.

Supermodel and founder, Candace Swanepoel is not shy to strut her stuff. And these cute swimsuits may just encourage us to do the same.

Style: confident combinations
Size range: XS-L
Price: $$

Lisa Marie Fernandez

best swimwear lisa marie fernandez luxury swimsuits luxe digital

Proudly made in the USA, wear a trendy bikini or swimsuit from Lisa Marie Fernandez, and you’re instantly transported to the world’s most exclusive vacation destinations. Whether your favorite beach activities include sunbathing and yachting or surfing and jet skiing, a luxury bathing suit from Lisa Marie Fernandez is just what you need.

But you know what’s more transportive than traveling to exotic destinations? Time travel. Taking retro style cues from yesteryear and combining them with innovative materials, Lisa Marie Fernandez offers a wearable line of vintage-inspired swimwear with a fashion-forward sensibility and Bond-girl appeal. No wonder this label is a favorite of Beyonce, Rihanna, and A-listers alike.

Make any beach day a red-carpet moment. Find modern shapes in a palette of soft pastel hues and bright jewel tones.

Style: effortless getaway glamor
Size range: XXS-XL
Price: $$$

Swimsuits For All

best swimsuit brand swimsuits for all review - Luxe Digital

What better way to end, than with a brand that exemplifies body positivity with a broad spectrum of swimsuits.

We come in all shapes and sizes. And so does this brand’s beachwear for women. Their Plus Size range celebrates curves with a variety of coverage. From strapless bathing suits to maximum coverage— there’s almost certainly a flattering fit for every figure. And one-pieces are priced from $40, while separates go for $30. They also offer a sea of swimdresses, tankinis, and coverups (at incredibly reasonable prices). 

“Every body is a swimsuit body.” As cliche as it may sound, we won’t stop saying it until it sinks in.

Style: Flattering fits
Size range: US 4-26
Price: $

Frequently asked questions about swimwear

What is the best bathing suit brand?

When considering the best swimsuits 2022, the answer ultimately comes down to the buyer. For subtle sophistication, we love Haight’s bathing suits for women. Andie Swim is all about timeless trends. Eberjey offers sleek, chic comfort. And for bold prints, Summersalt is a win. But your search shouldn’t end there. For a well-rounded response, you need to read our list of the best swimwear brands.

What are the best bathing suit sites?

Net-A-Porter, Farfetch, MyTheresa, and Luisaviaroma are a few of our favorite destinations to buy bathing suits. But with thousands of luxury options to choose from, scrolling through them can be tedious. So we sorted through the platforms for you. Read our article to find the best swimsuit brands on these sites.  

Where do influencers buy swimsuits?

We’ve scrolled through dozens of iconic influencers and celebrities to uncover their spending habits. So it’s highly likely that the swimwear brands you’re swooning over on social media are a few of the swimsuit brands we’ve listed in our selection of the best swimsuit brands

What swimsuits do guys like on girls?

Well, that really depends on the guy we’re talking about. It also depends on the reaction you’re looking for. A marriage proposal or a first date? But as a general rule, we’re siding with your mama on this one—leave a little to the imagination. And these sophisticated swimsuits (mentioned in the list of the best swimsuit brands) know just how to do it. 


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