13 tools that make Kubernetes better Otesanya David March 26, 2022

13 tools that make Kubernetes better

13 tools that make Kubernetes better


Few computing platforms—even those of great power and scale—satisfy every need out of the box. While Kubernetes is useful out of the box, it’s far from complete. You can always find a use case or a need where the default Kubernetes feature set falls short, such as database support, or simply ignores, such as continuous delivery.

That’s where the broader Kubernetes community comes in, with add-ons, extensions, and bonus goodies for the container orchestration framework. Here are 11 of the top Kubernetes companions we’ve found. Some will complement any Kubernetes cluster, while others address specific needs that stock Kubernetes doesn’t address.

Clusterpedia: Manage resources for multiple Kubernetes clusters

Finding and managing resources in a single Kubernetes cluster is (mostly) a solved problem. But what about dealing with resources across multiple clusters? Clusterpedia allows you to search for resources in a group of Kubernetes clusters and synchronize different versions of resources across those clusters as needed. Synchronization can be paused or resumed either manually or automatically based on the cluster’s health. Clusterpedia doesn’t manage network connectivity between clusters, however; the documentation recommends using a tool like Submariner for that.

Gatekeeper: Kubernetes policy controls


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