Zendaya revealed the secret of the most beautiful makeup Otesanya David March 31, 2022

Zendaya revealed the secret of the most beautiful makeup

Zendaya revealed the secret of the most beautiful makeup


Fashion is observed as almost immutable on the red carpet. However, it also brings its small share of changes and variations. An example of the moment is the loss of speed of the neckline in favor of the belly underlined by the crop top. It must be said that for several seasons, the crop top abounds on the catwalks, which gives an idea of ​​what will happen next in the locker room of celebrities. The piece, often narrow, stops above the navel or even below the chest – playing the card of the revisited bra – is thus readily adopted as an outfit for the big night. 

With this makeup, the actress had an incredible effect at the Oscars 2022 party.

25-year-old American actress and star of the series “Euphoria” Zendaya admitted how she managed to create the most spectacular makeup for the Oscar-2022 film awards.

Actor Tom Holland’s girlfriend came to the event in an elegant look, which consisted of a long sequined skirt and a satin mini-shirt, quoting Sharon Stone’s famous exit. Zendaya pulled her hair into a neat bun.

If the star’s stylist was responsible for the combination of stylish clothes, then Zendaya’s makeup, as it turned out, was done by herself.

From time to time, I make my own beat, “the celebrity wrote on his social networks, adding to a story that” brightened his eyes. “It seems that shooting in the sensational “Euphoria,” the heroines of which are known for their bright makeup, was not in vain.

The second picture for the Oscars-2022 events, or somewhat his after-party “Vanity Fair,” consisted of a black trouser suit and no less spectacular makeup with an emphasis on “highlighted” eyes.

Recall that the acting couple who found each other on the set of Spider-Man, Zendaya, and Tom Holland, officially announced their relationship in November 2021. And recently, lovers appeared in public in T-shirts with each other’s names.

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