Top 15 Best Chrome Extensions [in 2021] Otesanya David April 4, 2022

Top 15 Best Chrome Extensions [in 2021]

Top 15 Best Chrome Extensions [in 2021]


We all know that Google Chrome is a fabulous web browser – fast, handy, well designed and having all kinds of essential features. Google chrome’s original strength is it’s huge addon library that gives you endless new functions and abilities. Google Web Store is packed with tons of extensions that makes your online experience more productive. In this article, we are listing out top 15 best chrome extensions in 2021 that makes a huge difference to your daily browsing. We highly recommend that try these browser extensions and transform your online browsing experience.

What are the best Google Chrome Extensions?

Before we dive into deeper, we’d like to tell you, there are tons of different extensions available in the Google Web Store which can be helpful for different purposes. We have divided them into different categories, such as:

– Productivity
– Shopping
– Security
– Social Media
– Developer
– New Tab
– Content Sourcing
– Blogging

Now, let’s have a closer look of TOP 15 best Google Chrome Extensions (according to our choice) in 2021:

GHOSTERY – Privacy Ad Blocker [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Ghostery / Users: 2,000,000+


Ghostery is a powerful Ad-Blocker extension. It is designed to remove the ads that distracts you are checking a particular website content. It also helps you to protect your browsing data, so that the ad-tracking tools are unable to collect your personal information. This chrome extension also speeds up the website’s load time to improve your browsing experience.

STAYFOCUSD [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Transfusion Media / Users: 600,000+


StayFocusd extension helps you to increase your productivity, by limiting your time on time-wasting websites. It’s highly customizable and you can set your time limit on different websites. Once your allotted time w be over, then you can not access that particular website for the rest of your day.


Offered By: Google / Users: 2,000,000+


Tag Assistant Legacy is a SEO chrome extension, which helps you with the different types of tags. This extension will help you to troubleshoot of various Google tags including Tag Manager, Google Analytics etc. This extension verifies whether you have properly installed the tags on your page or not. All you need to do is navigate a web page and turn on this extension – it will give you an overview about the tags (present on that page), error reports and possible suggestions to solve out those errors.

BUZZSUMO [Social Chrome Extension]

Offered By: BuzzSumo / Users: 20,000+


BuzzSumo provides you the insight, how a content is performing – it gives you the social engagement data about the page or content you are viewing. This tool does not pull up any personal data about your browsing history. You can also use this tool to analyze your competitor’s website to find out their strategies that might be helpful for you to generate more engagements on your contents.

MOMENTUM [New Tab Chrome Extension]

Offered By: MomentumDash / Users: 3,000,000+


Momentum is one of the most simplest Google Chrome extensions, that replaces blank tabs with beautiful photography, inspiring quotes, weather reports etc. This extension was featured on BuzzFeed, The Next Web, LifeHacker etc. It also has it’s premium extension – which has more customizable features, integrations and others.

GRAMMARLY [Blogging Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Grammarly / Users: 10,000,000+


Grammarly is widely used blogging chrome extensions to check grammar, proper spelling and word use. Grammarly can be integrated with Gmail, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Linkedin and other websites also. This extension helps you to to eliminate the writing errors & find the meaningful words to express yourself. You can register a FREE ACCOUNT on Grammarly to receive personalized writing report every week.

AWESOME SCREENSHOT [Content Sourcing Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Awesome Screenshot / Users: 1,000,000+

BizTrailBlazer-Blog-AWESOME-SCREENSHOT-[Content-Sourcing-Chrome-Extension]Awesome Screenshot is a screen capturing chrome extension. It has some awesome features such as photo editing, annotation, directly from your browser. This extension is very simple to use and very convenient. With this tool, you can actually save a lot of additional time of yours.

EMAIL TRACKER FOR GMAIL [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: / Users: 1,000,000+

If you want to track your outbound mails on Gmail, then this extension is the ultimate solution for you. It can be integrated seamlessly with your Gmail account and provides you tick mark (✓✓) notifications once the mail has been opened. This tool basically adds a tracking pixel to the emails you sent. And once those email has been opened it gives you the Green Tick Mark as the notification.

WAPPALYZER [Developer Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Wappalyzer / Users: 1,000,000+

BizTrailBlazer-Blog-WAPPALYZER-[Developer-Chrome-Extension]Wappalyzer helps you to identify the website technologies. This chrome extension helps you for market analysis, lead generation and competitor research. By this chrome extension you can easily find out the framework of the website, javascript library, payment processor, marketing tools, CDN and many more.


TUBEBUDDY [Social Chrome Extension]

Offered By: TubeBuddy / Users: 3,000,000+


TubeBuddy is the famous Google Chrome Extension for YouTube creators. This tool helps you to optimize your YouTube channel and your videos. It is compatible with your all kinds of devices, such as Apple, Android, Windows PC or even Apple MAC etc. It helps you to find out high-performing keywords for your videos. TubeBuddy is loved by almost 3 million creators world wide.

HONEY [Shopping Chrome Extension]

Offered By: JoinHoney / Users: 10,000,000+


Honey extension helps you to find out best coupons for your shopping experience. From pizza to furniture, from shoes to electronics devices – you can easily save $150 USD (on an average) per year, while shopping. It also helps you to find our the right time for shopping. This tool is already featured on TIME, Business Insider, BuzzFeed, NewYork Times etc.

HUNTER [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: / Users: 400,000+


Hunter extension helps you to find out professional emails with just few clicks. You can easily find out the emails of any domains. This tool not only helps you to find out the mail ids, but also, by this way you can grow your leads and network. It has FREE and PAID versions. Free version allows you 25 Free Searches per month. Whereas the Paid version gives you an in-depth features list.

EVERNOTE WEB CLIPPER [Productivity Chrome Extension]

Offered By: Evernote / Users: 3,000,000+


Evernote is a note taking extension. You can easily share the notes across the other team members with this extension. With this tool, users can easily save the links on a clipboard for later references. This tool is features on Forbes, INC, The Verge and on other famous magazines as well.

J2TEAM SECURITY [Security Chrome Extension]

Offered By: J2Team Dev / Users: 200,000+


J2Team Security extension is not an average firewall, but it helps you to customize the blocklist and prevents all the phishing attacks. This extension offers you different kind of Facebook privacy settings as well.


Offered By: Google / Users: 700,000+


Page Analytics extension gives you the details, such as: where your users are clicking, page views, active users, average time on page etc. on a single platform. But using this tool, you can improve your conversion rate quite easily.



We are listing out these Google Chrome Extensions, purely based on our personal preferences. Did we miss any other extensions in our list? Let us know! If you have any suggestions or any other FRESH articles on this same topic, please MAIL US with your content. We would love to check out and if our Editor Team likes it, we can submit on our blog as well. Happy Blogging!


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