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“It’s not MAGIC, but it’s close!”

“I create the things I wish existed!”

MIHM-Tell us a little bit about you, where are you from and what inspired you to pursue a career in the fitness industry?

Born in Germany, I studied nutritional consulting and hotel management in Montreux, Switzerland, an exclusive resort town at Lake Geneva at the Hotel Montreux Palace. With this prestigious background, I started my career as a Health and Fitness Advocate and as a certified nutritionist and STIM-FIT specialist, that’s a specialized training method where we incorporate electronic muscle stimulation into conventional training routines to achieve faster results in rehabilitation, electronic muscle stimulation, fat-burn, muscle tightening and pain management. My biggest motivation is being able to help others to become healthier and happier and more efficient through my special skills in this field. Over decades, my husband Nino Cristiani, who is not only a Celebrity Trainer, but is the World’s most experienced Stim-Fit Expert, specialized very successfully on Muscle Stimulating Training Methods, training professional athletes & celebrities in Europe and Los Angeles, USA with those cutting-edge training devices, not only preparing them for competitions or getting them red-carpet ready in a very short span of time, but also very efficiently in rehabilitation sports and pain management.

MIHM- You created the Gym in a Box, tell us more about it.

My company Cristiani’s Balance Fitness & Nutrition, LLC is a Los Angeles based company developing a range of smart-clothing based fitness apparel called GYM IN A BOX, established in 2017, that feature integrated fitness technology for non-invasive body sculpting at home, at the office, on travels, or at the gym, seamlessly integrated in sexy body-shaping apparel. GYM IN A BOX’s motto: Workout Less while getting better and quicker results! WORKOUT SMARTER, NOT HARDER! Basically, I CREATE THE THINGS I WISH EXISTED! Our celebrity clients, models and fitness & beauty influencers were achieving such amazing and fast results with our exclusive, cutting-edge training methods that we decided, we want EVERYONE to benefit from the outstanding body sculpting & fitness results.


Effortlessly Tone and Firm at Home! The secret weapon for Sport Stars , Celebrities, and Super Models Revealed! Superstars Madonna, Heidi Klum and Usher are longtime users. Victoria’s Secret Angels Romee Strijd and Alessandra Ambrosio swear by Electronic Muscle Stimulation!. Before strutting the catwalk at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Alessandra Ambrosia fully integrated MUSCLE STIMULATION into her workout, attributing her “long and lean” figure to the 500 calories it helps her burn each and every session.

Your favorite super heroes – Secret Workout

Most notably, Tom Holland relied on Electronic Muscle Stimulation for his training in the lead-up to playing world-famous superhero, Spiderman! Calling it his “secret weapon,” Tom says “it really works” and “try it everyone – it was amazing!” See how he used Muscle Stimulation to prep for his most famous role:

GYM IN A BOX Abs Trainer

Our revolutionary ToneUp15 Abs Trainer gives a concentrated workout to the abdominal region. The training gear is designed to fit on your abs perfectly while the Muscle Toning technology works directly on your abdominal muscles. Giving you thousands of abdominal muscle contraction per 15 minute use.

GYM IN A BOX Buttocks & Arms Trainer

Our revolutionary buttocks and arms trainer provides a concentrated workout to your buttocks and arms. The integrated Toning Boosters Produce slow electrical pulses causing your muscles to contract and relax. These impulses mimic the actions that come from the central nervous system when you are exercising your muscles naturally. ToneUp15 technology works to give a firmer and toned buttocks and arms. Like doing 100s of squats and curls in 15 minutes only! The new patented fitness & beauty technology that my Co-founder and CPO Nino Cristiani developed together with the USA’s best engineers in Silicon Valley, is called “ToneUp15 TM”, since by wearing and activating our Core Sculpting System only 15 minutes, you can achieve the results of a 90-minute workout in 15 minutes only!

Our GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap, automated Waist Trainer/Massager Corset, the consumer can choose between different toning modes that specifically target stubborn belly fat, reduce inches off the waist, relieve the back, strengthen the core and provide an overall wellness effect through an additional deep massage mode. Imagine… With the simple push of a button you could be on your way getting firm, sculpted and a sexy waistline? With our affordable go anywhere do anything Abs Sculpting System that is getting mind blowing results from both women and men all across the world! Many celebrities are already using it to get into their best shape for the Oscars! What they can, you can! It’s the breakthrough, patent pending technology “ToneUp15“ that requires no machines, no stress, no surgery, no downtime, no stress and no strain! The cutting-edge Core Sculpting System is so easy and convenient, you just put it on and it does all the work! Features are: Muscle Toning & Tightening, Burn extra calories, Skin rejuvenating, Deep Massage.

MIHM- What do you see yourself doing in five years?

“Changing fitness the way Netflix changed entertainment!” Our aim is to become for the fitness, wellness & beauty segment what Netflix has become fir the entertainment space – putting the consumer in charge where abs when to engage in fitness & beauty treatments, easily abs conveniently from the comfort of their home, office, or in their hotel suite.

We are currently developing a new “Celebrity Make-Over” TV SHOW named “SHINE ON YOU” with some big names in the industry. It will be all about getting former stars and celebrities back on track very fast with our fitness technology and exclusive training methods and bringing them back on the red carpets and on the screens! We will work together with Celebrity MakeUp Artists and local designers to bring back the SHINE on them! That’s the concept of the show.

Larry Namer Founder of E! Entertainment was one of our first celebrity clients with our EMS TRAINING DEVICES and one of the first to get the GYM IN A BOX ELECTRONIC WAIST TRAINER to help against extra COVID weight gains. The great and ultra fast Body Transformation results he achieved inspired him to develop this new Celebrity Fitness Show incorporating our GYM IN A BOX ToneUp15 ® product line. We are extremely excited to have one of the most successful TV producers in Hollywood to believe in me and supporting my brand & visions, bringing it to the next level.”

We designed an entire body sculpting collection incorporating our patented ToneUp15 ®toning technology to cover all major muscle groups, like PowerYogaPants for shapely legs , Jeans HotPants providing a Booty lift, Arm sleeves for Biceps and Triceps, including a face mask for tightening the jawline lto specifically tone, firms and tighten the skin.”

We just launched our first shop In Beverly Hills.

MIHM-If you could work with somebody you admire, celebrity, politician, musician, leader or anybody else who would it be and why?

Female: Sara Blakely, the founder and creator of SPANX. Despite having no experience in fashion, retail, or business leadership, she was crowned the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes and that’s very admirable in my opinion. That’s the kind of woman I personally see as a role model and inspiration. I would love to demonstrate her how she could easily incorporate my digital fitness technology into all her products to bring shape wear to the next level! I would be super intrigued to license her my new patent pending toning technology.

Male: Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Not only for his success in the fitness, entrepreneurial and entertainment world, but because he’s also so extremely funny, humble, kind and empathetic. I love people with a big heart and an even bigger smile. I would love to pack him in my GYM IN A BOX Electronic Waist & Core Trainer and see the look in his face when the automated muscle boosters kick in full force making him sweat without him lifting a finger!

MIHM-Define what success means to you?

Success to me means being able to create the things I wished existed! Giving back to the world and making a difference.

You can purchase GYM IN A BOX Online at: Online Shop: Social Media: IG: FB: Gym In A Box Photo Credit: Leonato August Designer: Nika Cristiani Featured Products: GYM IN A BOX CoreWrap Abs & Waist Sculpting System


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