NATALIANIKOLAEVA Meet Actress and future Hollywood Mega Star with Ukrainian Roots. – Magic Image Hollywood Magazine Otesanya David April 2, 2022

NATALIANIKOLAEVA Meet Actress and future Hollywood Mega Star with Ukrainian Roots. – Magic Image Hollywood Magazine

NATALIANIKOLAEVA Meet Actress and future Hollywood Mega Star with Ukrainian Roots. – Magic Image Hollywood Magazine



Meet Actress and future Hollywood Mega Star with Ukrainian Roots.

MIHM – Hi Natalia! Congratulation of the successful start of your career in Hollywood!

Thank you! I’m so honored and grateful.

MIHM – Tell us about your experience?

How was it? It was fantastic! In December 2021, I starred in a film about World War II, where I played the role of a nurse. My heroine Inessa is romantic and brave. She can have fun and flirt, but in the face of danger she is ready to give her life to save others. The shooting took place in Bangkok, and it became one of the happiest events in my life. Starting from an amazing team, ending with the adventures that we managed to experience in Thailand. Magnificent locations, an exciting action script for this amazing Cast – Casper Van Dien, Louis Mandylor, Jennifer Van Dien, Jeff Fahey. All this made the experience of my first shootings in Bangkok very special.

MIHM – We’ll talk about adventures later. And tell us about how your experience of filming in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Russia differs from what you had in the American project?

First of all, probably, the level of organization, team cohesion, but the most important thing is punctuality. In Russia and Ukraine, it’s normal to be 10 minutes late for the site. But not in America! I remember, on one of the first shooting days, the call to the set was set at 6.15 am. I got up, got ready, took a coffee, and slowly walked to the team meeting place. What was my surprise when at 6.22 the whole team was in our minibus – producers, actors. Everyone was waiting for me alone. It became very uncomfortable for me, and after that I always arrived on time!

MIHM – We are looking forward to the premiere of the film! And what works are you proud of outside of the US?

I started my acting career more than 15 years ago, just think! It all started with my passion for literature and theater. My first roles on stage were performances based on the works of the Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol. I adored the aesthetics, energy, culture, and in many ways this material revealed me as an actress. I also played the role of Maggie in the “Cat on a Hot Tin roof” by Tennessee Williams and Doris in “The Vegetable” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. After graduating from the University of Cinematography, I played in more than 20 films and TV series. I am especially proud of my first ever leading role in the TV series, which takes place in an Eastern Palace. A sheikh, a prince, and a simple guy fought for the heart of my heroine. The premiere of the series was a great success, with many reruns around Eastern and Western Europe.

MIHM – Tell us a little about yourself, about your roots. what inspired you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?

My mom is Ukrainian/Polish, my dad is Russian. Since childhood, I have been surrounded by music, cinema and theater. My uncle is an Honored Artist of Ukraine, so artistic genes are in my blood. During the years of economic crisis in the late 1990s, my mother sold videotapes, and our apartment had its own video recording Studio. I watched movies endlessly while one tape was being recorded on another. And, of course, being involved in an exciting world has become my dream! And also, at the age of ten, I read Jackie Collins’ book “American Movie Star” in secret from my mother. The world of Hollywood has captured consciousness!

MIHM – And you decided to take steps towards your dream? It’s hard to imagine what they were like in a provincial town on another continent?

The most difficult thing for me was to admit what I really want. I was a plump, very shy girl, and also suffered from a stutter. In junior high, I had almost no friends. Nevertheless, when the teacher in the lesson asked: “Who do you want to become when you grow up, I plucked up the courage, stood up, and said: “An American movie star!”. The guys, of course, started laughing. But the teacher looked at me seriously, and said: “Then you need to do acting, and go to America. I believe in you. You will succeed.” These words of support have become for me one of the most important in my life. And even though the way here was long, and difficult – I’m glad that my childhood dreams are beginning to come true!

MIHM – Wow, an exciting story! Thank you for sharing it! Tell us about your future plans for this year? What is the most important thing for you right now?

Now I am looking forward to the premieres of two films with my participation – the military, and the romantic comedy “Birthday boyfriend”. I have very roles in these, but the more opposite the characters are, the more interesting it is to discover new facets in myself. I am also preparing for new filming, and I plan to make a film based on my own writing. To begin with, a short film.

MIHM – We wish you good luck! And tell me, what makes your heart beat faster? Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration is people, work, travel, and love. It is very important for me to be among “my own” – those who truly understand, and with whom you can go on any, the most daring creative journey. Inspiration can be found in anything – in joy, and sadness, and in a love union, and in solitude. This is the state of the Creator, which is available to us every minute if we are open enough to accept life, trust it, see beauty and magic in the most ordinary things.

MIHM – How cool! Let’s get back to the question of adventures? What did you remember the most?

Adventures are probably the most interesting part of filming. Every day in Thailand brought something new! I met an amazing friend – Jennifer Van Dien, together with her, Casper and other team members, we explored Chinatown, the floating market, the most magnificent palaces, and Buddhist temples. Dancing on a ship under the stars. We had dinner at the highest restaurant in the city. Every day we joked and laughed until we fell. And also, if I had the opportunity, I preferred riding a motorcycle to a car. Speed, wind in the face – and a heady feeling of freedom!

MIHM- thank you for an interesting conversation! How can people reach you, do you have social media, website, etc. Yes!

You can follow my Instagram @natalia.nikolaeva


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