Indian biker, Deepak Kamath, applauds Nigeria’s hospitality Otesanya David April 2, 2022

Indian biker, Deepak Kamath, applauds Nigeria’s hospitality

Indian biker, Deepak Kamath, applauds Nigeria’s hospitality


A renowned world biker, Deepak Kamath, aka Armstrong a motorcyclist, who has travelled across all seven continents was hosted in Lagos by the Office of the High Commission of India, on Saturday, March 26, 2022.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement as Kamath, who is currently on a motorcycle adventure ride across Africa (Southern and West African corridor), shared key insights about his journey, his past and his records.

In his speech at the event, the Head of Chancery, Rachi Rawat, said, “This evening is about celebrating an individual’s remarkable achievements and his ongoing long-distance motorbike journey through a large number of African countries.

He is the first Indian to have covered all the seven continents of the world on a motorbike. We also celebrate the warmth and hospitality extended to him in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, where he has chosen to stay the longest.”

Asked about his experience in Nigeria, Kamath said, “I have spent 10 days (in Nigeria) as of this moment. Nigerian people have been really nice to me. I am not talking about the Indian community that I am around. Whenever I go out, immediately Nigerians see my motorcycle, they say ‘welcome’.”

Questioning the negative perception tourists have about Africa, the biker said, “I am not sure why whenever people talk about Africa, they speak about dangerous experiences, including getting robbed. As I crossed the border, people told me it was dangerous. But, I have experienced such warmth and welcoming hospitality by these people. I find it difficult to understand why people describe Africa as being treacherous and dangerous. It’s not that way at all. Or, is it that I have been lucky? No, I don’t think so. I am doing the same thing other people perceive to be dangerous. I have really enjoyed my travel, right from when I left South Africa on November 29, 2021. It has been a fabulous journey. I have enjoyed my travels around these (African) countries.”

Asked to advise young people who may want to follow his path, Kamath said, “Age is just a number, so don’t be deceived by the loss of my hair and white beard. One should be disciplined. We all should get away from the comfort of our homes and explore this big and beautiful world. There are so many countries with beautiful landscapes, rich cultures and food. For the young ones, please make sure you get your focus right.”

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