He got 90 COVID-19 vaccine shots from different brands Otesanya David April 4, 2022

He got 90 COVID-19 vaccine shots from different brands

He got 90 COVID-19 vaccine shots from different brands


In Germany, a 60-year-old man allegedly got himself vaccinated dozens of times against COVID-19 in order to sell fake vaccination cards with legitimate vaccine batch numbers to those who did not want to get vaccinated.

According to the German news agency dpa, a man from the eastern German city of Magdeburg, whose name was not released due to German privacy laws, is said to have received up to 90 shots against COVID-19 at vaccination centers in the eastern state of Saxony for months before being apprehended by criminal police this month.

The suspect was not arrested, but he is being investigated for improper vaccination card issuance and document forgery, according to dpa.

He was apprehended at a vaccination center in Eilenburg, Saxony, when he popped up for a COVID-19 dose for the second day in a row. He was arrested after police confiscated many blank vaccination cards from him.

It was unclear what effect the man’s approximately 90 COVID-19 vaccine doses, which came from several companies, had on his personal health.

In recent months, German police have conducted many raids in connection with the forging of vaccination passports. Many COVID-19 denialists refuse to be vaccinated in Germany while also wishing to obtain the desired COVID-19 passports, which facilitate admission to public locations such as restaurants, theaters, swimming pools, and workplaces.

Despite the fact that Germany has been experiencing high infection rates for weeks, many of the precautions in place to combat the pandemic came to an end on Friday. Masks are no longer required in grocery stores and most cinemas, although they are required on public transit.

Students are no longer required to wear masks in most German schools, prompting teachers’ groups to warn of potential classroom disputes.

“There is now a danger that, on the one hand, children who wear masks will be teased by classmates as wimps and overprotective or, on the other hand, pressure will be exerted on non-mask wearers,” said Peter Meidinger, the president of the German Teachers’ Association.

He pushed for teachers and students to make a voluntary commitment to continue wearing masks in class and on school grounds at least until the country’s two-week Easter break.

The most recent outbreak of infections in Germany, induced by the BA.2 omicron subvariant, may have peaked, according to health experts.

On Sunday, the country’s disease control office reported 74,053 new COVID-19 infections in a single day, compared to 111,224 daily infections less than a week before.

In total, 130,029 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in Germany.

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