Bridgerton-Inspired Royal Icing Cookies – A Beautiful Mess Otesanya David March 26, 2022

Bridgerton-Inspired Royal Icing Cookies – A Beautiful Mess

Bridgerton-Inspired Royal Icing Cookies – A Beautiful Mess


Dear readers—let it be known, if there is a secret cookie technique out there, I shall uncover it and share every last detail. Lol. Today, we will go over how to make Bridgerton cookies.

An assortment of Bridgerton-inspired royal icing cookies

The designs I chose for us are what I think we would find on a treat table like macarons, cakes, and flowers. I also had to include the paper and the queen’s silhouette.

All of the cookies in this post were hand cut. I searched an image, printed it, and used it as my template to cut around the cookie dough. Let us begin!

Bridgerton-inspired royal icing cookies displayed on table

-royal icing in the colors of your choice (in both outlining and flooding consistency)
icing piping bags
Wilton tip #103 or #104 and a star tip
-toothpicks or scribe tool
edible pen

Macaron Cookies

Step 1. Outline your macaron cookie.

Step 2. Flood the areas you outlined and let dry for about 5 minutes.

iced macaron cookies

Step 3. With the outlining consistency, squiggle icing along the gaps. Let crust dry another 5 minutes.

Step 4. Using your toothpick or scribe tool, poke your squiggles so they they resemble macaron feet. Let them dry and you’re done 🙂

using toothpick to make macaron cookies

Silhouette Cookies

Step 1. Use an edible pen to mark the face/hairline area.

Step 2. Outline, flood, and let dry.

using edible pen to draw on cookies
adding icing to silhouette cookies
iced silhouette cookies

Cake Cookies

Step 1. Outline and flood your cookie and let it dry.

Step 2. Add text to your cookie. You can learn how to do this in my post, 3 Ways to Add Lettering to Sugar Cookies. I went with Bridgerton quotes.

Iced cookie with the text "shall we promenade?"

Step 3. Using your star tip, pipe a shell border around the cookie. I placed the tip against the cookie at about a 45-degree angle. Apply strong pressure to get a bigger base, then taper off.

adding icing to cookies

Flower Cookies

Step 1. You’ll want to add some extra powdered sugar to your outline consistency icing because we want it to hold its shape a little better.

Step 2. Working directly on the cookie, use tip #103 to pipe a base for the flower on the cookie as shown.

Adding icing to a cookie

Step 3. With wide end of the tip down, wrap the icing around the the base (this is your bud).

Making a flower shape on a cookie

Step 4. Wrap the icing around your bud (about 3 petals), then again to add 5 petals, or as many needed to wrap around the flower.

Making a flower shape with icing on a cookie

Step 5. If you’d like to add leaves, cut your icing bag tip in a v shape. Like the shell tip technique, apply pressure and taper off.

green icing in piping bag

Gossip Paper Cookies

Step 1. Outline and flood cookie and let it dry completely.

Step 2. With an edible pen, draw/write what you’d like on the cookie.

Step 3. I chose to make a royal icing transfer of the silhouette on the paper like we learned in this post, but you can easily draw any decorations on the cookie.

Bridgerton-inspired royal icing cookies
Bridgerton-inspired royal icing cookies displayed on table

I hope you will try some of these Bridgerton cookie designs for your next themed party! xo, Ren.

Looking for more cookie decorating techniques?


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