12 Engaging Earth Day Videos for Kids of All Ages Otesanya David April 1, 2022

12 Engaging Earth Day Videos for Kids of All Ages

12 Engaging Earth Day Videos for Kids of All Ages


Every April 22nd, more than a billion people across the globe celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness about problems like pollution and deforestation. Teach your students more about this special day with these awesome Earth Day videos. There are choices here for every age, but remember to preview videos to be sure they’re appropriate for your audience.

Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day

This sweet animated video is a good introduction to Earth Day for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Learn a little bit about how Earth Day started and some of the ways little kids can make a big difference.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Happy Learning

In this video, a very prim and proper Mother Earth asks kids for their help by showing them how they can become 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) magicians.

Earth Day for Kids: 5 Things Kids Can Do to Help Mother Earth by Socratica Kids

This hilarious Mother Earth is a little less prim and proper, a little more Dame Edna. Watch as she teaches Leonard the Frog all about Earth Day and explains five kid-friendly ways we can all help take care of Mother Earth.

Planet Earth by Little Smart Planet

Part of a series on the planets, this charming video from Little Smart Planet teaches little learners about their home planet: Earth.

Earth Day: 8 Ways to Celebrate by Kid Conservationist

Kid Conservationist spells out eight easy ways to celebrate Earth Day. From recycling toothbrushes and cell phones to composting and planting trees and eating less meat; every little bit helps!

Curious Kids: It’s Earth Day! by WGCUCuriouskids

Come along on this nearly half-hour episode as a sassy crew of kids celebrate Earth Day by traveling to Cayo Costa and Sanibel Island to gather shells and learn about horseshoe crabs, fossils, wild dolphins, and more.

Earth Day by PBS Learning Media

This fun and engaging video does a great job of explaining the history and impact of Earth Day: how it started, how it’s grown, and how kids can get involved. Your students will love the sound effects (boing! Yay!) and the bobblehead pop-ups that help tell the story.

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day by STEM for Kids

This hopeful video encourages kids to become Earth Warriors by performing special duties to help protect the planet from things like pollution (smelly and gross) and deforestation. After a brief Earth Day history lesson, kids will learn about nonrenewable resources, recycling, planting trees, and much more.

Teach Your Students About Earth Day and Plastic Pollution by McGraw Hill PreK-12

Narrated by yet another cartoon Mother Earth, this video lays out some sobering facts about plastic pollution and how kids can take action, spread the word, and make all their voices heard.

How is Earth Day Celebrated Around the World? by Cool School

Go on an Earth Day world tour to see how countries like Japan, South Africa, and Brazil celebrate Earth Day. Then, learn three simple changes even the youngest kids can make to care for the planet. After all, “Mother Earth takes care of us, so we must take care of her.”

Happy Earth Day!

Host Jessi and her sidekick Squeaks lead kids on an engaging Earth Day exploration. Learn about endangered animals, pollution and recycling, how to make compost, and more. Then try a fun Earth Day art project like a soda bottle bird feeder.

Reforestation: Impact on Climate by TedEd

This compelling video explores how our everyday activities are affecting the earth’s carbon cycle and how important reforestation is to restoring balance to our environment.

How to Save Our Planet by WWF International

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this video features stunning videography of the earth and its creatures and explores how human ingenuity has profoundly changed the world, not always in a good way.

Make sure to check out these Earth Day books for the classroom, too!

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