Company Information

BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. ("BRT"), develops products and medical therapies using cell and tissue protocols, primarily involving adult stem cells, including:


brtxDISC (Disc Implanted Stem Cells), BRT’s lead therapeutic product, is a mesenchymal stem cell product derived from autologous human bone marrow. It is to be used in an investigational non-surgical treatment for protruding and bulging lumbar discs in patients suffering from chronic lumbar disc disease and is intended for patients who have failed non-invasive procedures and potentially face the prospect of surgery. The treatment, utilizing brtxDISC™, involves culturing a patient’s own stem cells and then delivering them to the damaged disc in an outpatient procedure.


• ThermoStem® is a treatment using brown fat stem cells that is under development for metabolic disorders including diabetes and obesity. Initial preclinical research indicates that increased amounts of brown fat in the body may be responsible for additional caloric burning as well as reduced glucose and lipid levels.


BioRestorative Therapies: A Stem Cell Biotechnology Company